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HC thousands of water purification products market network million and see you will not choose a good product, not necessarily those expensive imported goods, certainly not the kind of product price is very low, after all, a machine manufacturing costs need, do not be cheap price temptation, for the health of their families, buy purifiers have to do some homework and know what needs to pay attention to the point, how to avoid some of the exaggerated publicity stunt business, there are some cognitive errors.

Xiao Bian today and we explore a few points to note when buying purifier, in addition to avoid errors on several cognitive.

1, choose to purchase channels

domestic business platform under a lot of good lines of large electrical store, Suning, Gome are leading brands, as well as lines, large-scale flagship shop, remember to invoice, and after-sales service are guaranteed, do not plan cheaper go to some unpopular channels to buy, even the invoices are not available, no one knows for how long your machine, let alone service able to keep up with the.

2. Filtering Technology

This is a measure of the core competitiveness of a machine performance. Filtering particulate contaminants technology is mainly efficiency particulate air filter. High efficiency filter of varying quality. Although some smaller brands Filter high filtration efficiency, but resistance, low energy efficiency, easy to plug, short life. Generally suggested the use of electrostatically charged electret depth efficient dust filter. Technical electrostatic electret fiber nonwoven fabric having positive and negative, effectively capture the particles in the air. Many high efficiency air filter is called an electrostatic electret art, but for technical reasons, many filters electret charge will decay rapidly in a short time, resulting in reduced filtration efficiency.

3. Follow the applicable area

This is a very important dimension, machine volume and speed of the inseparable, the larger of these two values, corresponding to the larger effective area, which It is a point of concern when buying a machine.

4. CADR there formaldehyde particles CADR value

The main use of these two parameters is a measure of the purifying effect of the machine, the number of theoreticalThe larger the value, the better the effect, if you are a new home just completed renovation, choose a high index of formaldehyde CADR machine is necessary, it is recommended to let businesses to produce test report.

5. The energy efficiency and energy efficiency rating

The air purifier is usually used continuously for a long time. Energy efficiency as an important indicator of air purifier purification capacity and energy consumption, it is worth our attention. The higher the energy efficiency and energy efficiency, the more energy-efficient air purifier, the lower the cost, pocket money and do not want to make life difficult, the proposed attention.

Let me say the number of errors when purchasing

1. Formaldehyde detection

much higher customer price of the product has a dazzling feature formaldehyde detection, real-time will formaldehyde index reflects on the machine's display, formaldehyde, so easy to detect the concentration of PM2.5 did not imagine, it is recommended to use specialized testing equipment testing, questionable displayed on the machine, do not spend money to enjoy the function.


2. Humidifying function, but also purify.

humidifying function design is relatively tasteless, currently available high-quality air cleaner are substantially pure physical chemical purification Catalytic purification, such as HEPA filters, activated carbon filter, photocatalysts, etc., but They are afraid humidification function. Activated carbon and HEPA filter element will absorb moisture, odor, not only the effect is greatly reduced, and easily lead to bacterial and secondary pollution.

These are some questions about the purifier Xiao Bian summary, then again, be sure to buy products according to their needs, avoiding unnecessary tasteless, unnecessary expenses, buy their own favorite products.

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