Shanghai Port imported detected in batches of substandard drinking water in Lithuania

2020-07-30 02:18:51  来源:  编辑:admin

Recently, the Shanghai Pujiang Inspection and Quarantine detected in batches of substandard imported from Lithuania bottled water. It is reported that a total of three batches, the value of nearly $ 13,000, the reason for the failure bromate exceeded national standards for food safety limit requirements, the failure detection is the first detection of Lithuania Shanghai Port imported substandard drinking water.

It is understood, bromate has long been defined by WHO as a potential carcinogen class 2B, bromate producers mainly in order to control microbiological sterilization ozone gradually reacted with bromine ions in the water come, in the presence of the more common natural mineral water, bottled water, but it is possible to avoid a large number of bromate by improving the production process. After failure detection, River Bureau immediately notify the importer of substandard drinking water isolation seal and strengthen foreign exporters, foreign producers of audit efforts to effectively fulfill the responsibilities and obligations body in the procurement of food urge importers. Currently, the River Bureau in accordance with relevant laws and regulations shall be returned to these substandard drinking water.

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