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Automatic water softener resin tank configuration the importance of fully automatic softener resin tank configuration before the importance of Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in September 2006, specialized in water softeners, water purification equipment R & D terminal of drinking water, production and sales annual production capacity of 100 million units (sets), is a research and development, design, production and sales in one of the Industrial companies. Many industries in the production process there are different needs for water hardness, the current application of automatic water softeners in industry and family life is very extensive. Large industrial water, small household domestic water, softened water has become a rare raw materials or auxiliary materials. Therefore, the production of demineralized water softening equipment (that is, an important part of the water softener) market potential is huge. Wherein the softened resin tank system is one of the important part of the device. Automatic softener resin tank is disposed importance we usually say is mainly automatic water softener resin tank main tank and the sub tank and brine tank consisting of hydraulic control valves and the three main parts. I produced the water softener and other similar products, there are some advantages. For example, he said its power relies mainly on natural water pressure naturally, without the need for electricity, the degree of automation is natural. Some works such as demineralized water softener is actually very simple, mainly by the flow of hydraulic turbine control valves to drive two different sets of gear, change its flow caused by the accumulation will play a driving role in making the different channels the valve is opened or closed, so that the water softener performs an automatic work process (salt replenishment tank, sewage, cleaning, regeneration and running) in a series of cycles. Automatic softener two main role is to allow the resin tank can be uninterrupted water supply, for a system containing water with demineralized water, for a backup, to prevent the failure of another resin tank, the device runs between them process can be completed automatically converted. And my company's products also continued to improve processes, making the device run more cost-effective, quality production and more powerful, making the product more to meet the needs of users, adapt to changing water treatment market.