Department of Commerce- further study will propose measures to promote cars, furniture, appliances a

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At the press conference of the State Council held a joint prevention and control mechanism 18, the Department of Market Operation Division and consumer promotion of Deputy Director Wang Bin said that the Ministry will be presented with relevant departments to further promote research cars, furniture, appliances and other key commodities consumer policy measures to promote the purchase of cars using the policy shift to guide and support guide localities to develop premium policy, encourage enterprises to develop electronic products trade.


He also said that zoning will guide the country classification, classification division to carry out the promotion of the consumption month, epidemic prevention for the Internet security line, the cloud Shopping Festival activities, and encourage qualified enterprises in the region and the premise of fair and open, for specific groups, specific commodities, specific areas introduced various types of coupons, vouchers, reflow and promote consumer sentiment rebounded. (Chen Fang)

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