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Dear Customer letter to letter Anda Kang water purification agents cause Anda Kang water purification agents, partners: Hello! Thank you for your long-term care and support for Anda Kang's! Anda Kang from small to large, growing water purification equipment for the production of Chinese leader, thanks to your deep trust and support effort. Anda Kang determine the "social commitment, reform and innovation, extensive subtle, harmonious development" the main theme of development, innovation and attitude, improve the product line, expand the campaign of water purification market. The company will carry out a wide range of channel excavation, training, and expand market coverage to help agents grow, will further expand market share, while Anda Kang will increase investment in product, market, service and continue to maintain the leading position of technology products, provide high-quality, high-quality services to ensure the consistency of channel policy, deepen relationships with various media. Recalling the top ten brands of water purifiers Anda Kang Road, there is great honor and a dream, more bravely assumed the responsibility of the corporate mission and customer responsibilities. Provide for the end consumer is more convenient and safe water purification products; agents and customers through thick and thin, has always been Anda Kang beliefs and norms pursued. Anda Kang and all partners to grow together, great success in the new starting point of opportunity!