Mai purifier self-innovation and quality improvement

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from the water purifier entering the country more than twenty years time, the tide of rage has arrived. As well-known for water purification, as well as concerns about the quality of water of life, most consumers think that installing a home water purifier products is necessary. In the huge market potential water purifier market hot up, how to convey to the market a steady stream of "fuel" and even more "fuel", so that the fire burned more and more fierce, we believe that all people can know the best answer: that is, self-innovation. Hang the ancient and only innovation can keep up with the pace of development, it will not fall behind.


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believe that every Chinese people know the history of humiliation late Qing period, from the mighty "Kangxi and Qianlong" to the late Qing Dynasty the humiliating, a powerful country that only a few decades during the fall time, the reason boils down to: seclusion, and seclusion eventually lead to a lack of innovation. Country like this, let alone a business. In fact, look at all things born of all things, the development will form a climax, is like a popular song, the impression that the network song was all the rage, people are impressed by the "lilac", "plead for Buddha" at the earliest before " a man of two lonely people wrong "and other songs which are popular in the streets, we can easily find the song summed up a network rule:." red speed and fade as fast. "the reason, monotonous singing generally a continuation of a style long network singer of all songs, eventually people do not like this homogenization of serious songs, as opposed to some strength to sing, such as "four kings", "four days" they can sing a variety of styles of songs, which is an innovative, people are more willing to accept can bring a fresh feeling. So as is also true of the new water purifier industry, how do you want to let buyers become repeat customers is very important, perhaps many people think that this is not much significance, a water purifier useful life generally in the decade, back up time is too long, when people have changed already, do not know the seller has a buyer, and buyers who have forgotten the year of the sale. Clothes and shoes are not, ten and a half to buy a new one. In fact not the case, an industry point of view if you stand on this issue, then the end result will happen: either the status quo is also the Late Qing Dynasty "seclusion"


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In fact, we must learn to see through the essence of the phenomenon: First, water purifiers to do repeat business is not looking at the sales, but repeat customers demonstrates confidence in the water purifier brand, the quality of certainly, brand building process and both are due to have their own group of loyal consumers. Secondly, the fact repeat customers is an effective brand promotion, research shows that: after a good product to use in consumer satisfaction, he will be very happy to give their little family relatives and friends, this can also be defined as a sales associate . The authors concluded: household water purifiers in order to forever at the top in the market, not just in the form of a fuss, more importantly, quality and innovation, give customers confidence in the product, but also to the customer an innovative novelty, grab customer appeal.

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