Ai Mate water purifier manufacturers to become the backbone of agents to join the pillar

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water purifier market matures, demand will shift to soft demand rigid, hard by the soft consumer consumption into the face of Water health, water purifier now sold more and more, the original selling drinking fountains have become of the selling water purifiers. How is the sudden emergence of water purification products? Purifier what brand? In water purifier to join the agency, the small and medium businesses should pay attention to what problem?


people's awareness of water purifier upgrade

water purification product awareness increased year by year. A survey data show that 50% of people know that water purifiers, 15% of an understanding of water purifier, 3.6% are currently using or seeing others use a water filter. In addition, more than 80 percent of the current water quality is very satisfied, 40% of people are dissatisfied with bottled water, 90% of people believe that water purification (drinking water) is the future trend of living water. From tap water to bottled water, to drinking water, changing the water will enter the era of Chinese families.

water purifier price rationalization

water purifier product prices tend to be reasonable. Thousands of water purifier manufacturers in the market fighting, different water purifier brand common positive, negative impact on the market, employing hundreds of thousands of water purification, vigorously promote the development of the water purifier market, water purification machines from the earliest "luxury goods "for the necessities of life to the present development of the people today, water purifier prices from a stage ten thousand yuan into the present one a thousand, a few thousand dollars, but also to intense price competition in the water purifier closer to the mass consumer market .

tend to focus on the type of water purifier

from diverse types of water purification products to the mainstream focus. From early concept dozen electrolysis of water, functional water, ionized water, alkaline water, acidic water and other development today, the water purification industry mainstream gradually clear. Current health water purification mainstream market. At home will be able to drink healthy water, spring water purifiers to set purification, mineralization, activation of water purification products for the integration of health, we are leading the development of the water purifier market. Consumers more and more attention to the quality of drinking water, water purification will be hard household consumption.

to join the big water purifier market prospects

as people's growing demand for water purifier and water purifier market gradually mature and stable, growing water purifier market size, annual growth rate of more than 150%, known as the "21st century Chinese home appliance industry, the last piece of cake," Ai Mate water purifiers, with its leading international newProduct research and development capabilities to lead the development of China's water purification industry. Ai Mate water purifier arrival, changing people's kitchen water way!

Ai Mate brand director purifier reminder, Agent water purifiers need to have some knowledge of the water industry, in particular consumer psychological needs of water purifier, water purifier industry market developments, the classification of water purifiers, water purifiers and technical principles, etc., the best field trips water purifier manufacturers and products. Do not be fooled by the surface of that information, to assess the actual according to choose the most powerful water purifier manufacturers, brand blowing sound is not necessarily the best, be sure to choose a water purifier brand recognized by consumers.