Henan Province will invest over 400 million yuan this year to enhance the safety of drinking water i

2020-06-16 22:16:18  来源:http://www.pro2biz.com  编辑:admin

reporter from Henan Province Development and Reform Commission, Henan provincial special funds this year will invest 446 million yuan for lifting rural drinking water safety concentrated in poor areas of the province.

These funds will mainly invest in areas of poor villages filing card established the relative concentration of poor households, covering Nanyang, Anyang and other 16 provinces and cities Dengzhou, Wing city, Luyi County 3 direct control county (city) and Romer County, Puyang County, Xiayi, Yuanyang County and other 68 poor relative concentration of the county (city) district.

In order to improve capital efficiency, Henan Province has called on all localities around tackling poverty plan, actively carry out poverty-stricken counties in the overall use of financial integration of agriculture-related funds pilot work, good standing with the filing cards poor villages of poverty households precision docking, improve rural drinking water safety project to consolidate and promote the efficiency of investment allocation to ensure timely project started construction this year, to play a benefit as soon as possible.

rural drinking water safety project is to consolidate and promote Henan key livelihood projects to start the implementation of the "Thirteen Five" period. According to the plan, through the implementation of rural drinking water safety project to consolidate and promote Henan strive to 2020 rural water penetration rate of over 80%, a substantial increase in water quality compliance rate and degree of protection.