Aerospace Four Seasons song Mu water purification technology water purification project to bring fre

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In recent years, water quality compliance rate of various events and frequent incidents of unsafe drinking water, has become a hot topic of residents drinking water safety has become a consensus. Chinese green appliances leading brands Four Seasons song Mu, since to enter the water industry, will be "safe drinking water" throughout the water purification product development, production process at the same time, it is constantly through technological innovation, and actively carry out water purification project residents, as area residents bring fresh well water.

In view of the risks of drinking water, water purification Four Seasons song Mu boost public works

At present, our country is inhabited mainly by drinking water daily to meet the needs of municipal tap water, bottled water, bottled water and other means. And water pollution in the environment can not be optimistic, tap water, bottled water, etc. there is a significant security risk.

treated with chlorine gas heated to boiling tap water, bacteria can only solve the problem, not the removal of heavy metals in water, the bodies of volatile substances and bacteria and other contamination. In addition, the residual chlorine in tap water after high-temperature cooking will produce chloroform, and the chloroform is standard carcinogen; bottled water is generally composed of water stations send bottled water to your door, but the industry is not standardized, sinister barrel , black heart water phenomenon rampant. Meanwhile, bottled water after opening, need to drink within three days finished, otherwise you will have a lot of bacteria, secondary pollution is serious.

In view of everyday life in a variety of drinking water safety problems, the Four Seasons Mu-song, with its advanced water purification technology, and actively boost public water purification project, to create drinking water in the last line of defense. Residents Clean Water to kiss water stations, for example, it just commercial reverse osmosis water purification machines, water pumps, pure water tanks, water around the crystal card, etc., set up by professionals from the Four Seasons song Mu water stations, safe and convenient, the current system is to drink. Not only protect the health of residents drinking water, and affordable.

航天净水科技 四季沐歌净水工程为小区住户带来鲜活好水

Aerospace water purification technology to achieve good fresh water

It is well known aerospace water treatment technology is one of the world's advanced water purification technology currently. Both in product development in water purification water purification project implementation or residents, four seasons Mu-song of "Aerospace Science and Technology, rest assured water" for the product concept, the integration efforts of space technology, space-level to create a good fresh water.

at the Four Seasons song Mu water purification project residents, Crystal just commercial reverse osmosis water purification unit is equipped with water purification technology aerospace photon, which is divided into three parts: the photon enhancement processing technology, space technology and water treatment end photon sterilization technology. This threePoints interlocking, water and gradually kill the microbial cells and other types of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances, truly make the water filtered clean water level reaches space. Among them, aerospace water treatment technology uses NASA technology used in water treatment in space - Space reverse osmosis water purification technology, aerospace grade core is the RO membrane.

Unlike conventional RO membranes, Mu-song Seasons aerospace grade RO membrane pore size is only 0.0001 micron, precise removal of dissolved salts in water, colloids, microorganisms, bacteria, heavy metals, etc., the maximum rate of 98.84% desalination, really good sweet nature to restore the water. Meanwhile, the Four Seasons song Mu aerospace grade RO membrane is very durable, easy to plug. Compared with ordinary RO membranes, after a period of use, it does not appear blocked, decreased water system and other issues, performance is very stable.

In addition, the Four Seasons song Mu Crystal just commercial reverse osmosis water purification system to run automatically, with online water quality monitoring control design, real-time monitoring of water quality to ensure water quality and safety. More importantly, it is relevant to local water quality personalized design, all to meet the needs of local drinking water. Residents stay at home, you can enjoy good health aerospace grade fresh water.

航天净水科技 四季沐歌净水工程为小区住户带来鲜活好水

Water is the source of life, growing water pollution drinking water alarm sounded the health of residents. Four Seasons song Mu water purification as a leading brand, is bound to integrate high-quality resources, optimization of water purification products, accelerate the construction of residential water purification, water purification to expand the market.