Dalton water purifier store requires much-

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Dalton water purifier industry is big brands, due to the rapid development of Dalton water purifier is also making its stores everywhere. So in the end how Dalton water purifier it? Dalton water purifier store requires much? Dalton water purifier brand investment to join the basic information about what? Then look at it. Dalton water purifier brand investment to join Basic information Basic Investment: 10 million or less number of stores: 100 the following brand names: Dalton water purifier brand Founded: 2000 joined the agency areas: National for the crowd: their own businesses Dalton water purifier brand stores Dalton water purifier industry brands, has developed rapidly since its inception, loved by the public, and therefore the establishment of a large number of brand stores, For more information, please call us! Dalton water purifier Shandong Liaocheng stores (Source: Dalton water purification organ network, invasion deleted) Dalton water purifier Xiangtan stores (Source: Dalton water purification organ network, intrusion deleted) Dalton water purifier brand flying Trade Co., Ltd., Dongguan was established in 2006, is a Royal Doulton Dalton sales in China headquarters, the company registered capital of HK $ 3 million; mainly engaged in Dalton water purification machines and accessories, household appliances, kitchen utensils, bathroom appliances wholesale and import business. The company is located in Changping Town, Dongguan City, Jin Mei Village Gold River all the way to No. 208, as of October 2016, its subsidiary, dealers total of more than 500; shop counters throughout Chinese cities and towns. These are the "Dalton water purifier store requires much?" Relevant information, For more information or brand interested in joining, please call us!