Walter joined the clean water How much- Household water purifiers to join the agency

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Walter water purification based on the market, can quickly make adjustments in the product according to the needs, it is a real good brand. Walter purifier get widespread attention with its unique characteristics, many investors want to join Walter clean water. This time someone will ask Walter specific water purification franchise fee how much money? Walter now take a detailed look at the content of water purification franchise fee it. Walter joined water purification how much money it? In the early to join, initial fee Walter investors will focus on clean water. Walter presence of water purification initial fee regional differences, such as first-tier cities and second-tier markets significantly different initial fee, the initial investment will naturally be higher than the first-tier cities funding second-tier cities, the subsequent benefits may also vary. Investors can according to their actual situation, choose the most appropriate way to join. Walter purification joining fee initial fee: 10,000 -50,000 Description: Brand Equity Brand royalties paid to franchisees margin Manufacturer: 10 000 -3 million Description: to ensure the credibility of the headquarters, not illegal refundable first purchase gold: Negotiable Description: the two sides expressed sincere cooperation Walter Walter purifier water purifier products - kitchen drinking straight series -V-1 (source: Walter purifier official website, invasion deleted) Walter water purifier - kitchen drinking straight series -V-2 (source: Walter purifier official website, invasion deleted) water purification company introduced high-Walter Walter Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on water purification treatment environmental technology company, headquartered in Shenzhen, with modern production base, sales and service outlets throughout the country. In 2002, Walter developed the first water purifier. In 2008, Walter incorporated, to enter the field of water purification treatment. Walter original "four leading water purification technology," including "reverse osmosis technology Aerospace Science and Technology", "ultra-quiet brushless DC water pump drive," "modified PAN membrane technology", "original combination of filtration purification technology." . The company has a "home drinking water systems, drinking water systems units, campus drinking water systems and special water treatment system," and other customized solutions. Walter launched the "Seven Star service concept", is committed to provide customers with personalized service given. (Source: Walter purifier official website, invasion delete) If you want to know more information about Walter purifier to join, the franchisee can give us a message or call our hotline, we will respond to your first time! If you have time headquarters can also be visited. Walter purification look forward to your mutual benefit and build a better blue sky.