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Walter public places, water purification system solution (Figure) Walter public places, water purification systems solutions for water purification systems in public places is divided into two areas, some units: such as schools, factories, write words, hospitals, government departments to focus on addressing the needs and other aspects of the water. Other places, such as: bath center, hotels, restaurants, etc. emphasize water sanitation. In terms of drinking water, water purification and household demand is basically the same, you need to take into account the quality and taste of the water; on the other hand, compared with the family drinking water, water flow requirements of commercial users is relatively large, but also need to take into account when installers water points and water reasonable layout of convenience. Walter central water purification products and commercial water purification products will be able to meet this demand. In terms of water, if you need to drink boiled water and ice water to drink, you need to water purification equipment and pipeline machine with products used by "Multiple point" or "one to one" and other modes of supply to meet the different needs of different . For commercial users of water problems, mainly in the central water purifier and high flow ultrafiltration membrane products to solve. According to the amount of water the size to decide which type of series. Water relatively small units, can be taken ultrafiltration membrane products with central water purification products or a single flow; large water where large flow more needs to be membrane products; where a large amount of water, would require a large flow ultrafiltration film products is achieved by a modular combination. Whole house water purifier to solve water purification installation of a combination of public places, is a more complex problem. As more people drinking and numerous points on the water network design and installation to fully take into account the actual nature of the site, we detail into both drinking water and water. The drinking water program, we can learn from home drinking water solutions, multi-point surveillance shunt can grasp that the total net installed a high-power water in water purification, water purification equipment for installing other combination of taste, the implementation of a net of points each terminal point of drinking water method to achieve the design point of water office. The unit with water, using Walter large traffic engineering ultrafiltration membrane products can be.