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In recent years, with the development of Falan Ni water purifier, water purifier number of stores Falan Ni more and more, many of my friends saw prospects Falan Ni water purifier, you want to join, then join Falan Ni water purifier store have anything to ask? How much money it will take it early? What investment policy Falan Ni water purifier have it? Here check it out! Falan Ni water purifier to join the agent's request 1. certain financial and management capacity. 2. or to establish a team of 5-10 people. 3. There are more than 60 square meters of office space. 4. The success of a brand or product operational experience. 5. have long-term experience in brand awareness 6. With a good business reputation, professionalism and personal reputation dealers 1. bottled water, home improvement, home appliances, such as property managers or employees. 2. own business or have a certain customer, personal network, channel resource base. 3. There are special relations resources background. 4. Users have developed through training or experience to get to develop, maintain user skills. (Source: Falan Ni clean water organ network, invasion deleted) Falan Ni water purifier joining fee Initial fee: Negotiable Description: franchisees pay royalties to the manufacturers brand brand equity margin: Negotiable Description: to ensure the credibility of the Headquarters , not illegal refundable purchase the first batch of gold: 1-5 Wan Description: the two sides expressed sincere cooperation (source: Falan Ni clean water organ network, invasion deleted) Falan Ni water purifier and investment policy 1. brand Licensing use: get the right brand management agency in the region, and with the promotion of enterprises to enhance the influence and appeal of shops. 2. Regional protection: no cross-business area reset. 3. store brand: standard store design renovation program, terminal form a unified brand image. 4. Business Counseling Training: to provide franchisees shopping guide, business, service training. The store management operations support: provides leading storefront management and marketing support business strategy. (Source: Falan Ni clean water organ network, invasion deleted) water purifier everyone to join Falan Ni requirements, investment policy, joining fees understand yet? If you want to know more Duofalanni water purifier investment information, please call our hotline counseling!