Terminal operating mode of operation the terminal market water purifier market

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1, water purifier must enter the local part of hypermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and the United States Lok building materials supermarket chain, fashion, electrical appliances, strengthen customer confidence in the brand, play to form Feiou Te water purifier price benchmark role. 2, water purifier into radio advertising and newspaper advertorial in the local area, strengthen consumer awareness of Feiou Te brand and products. 3, in each town and choose the type of business from plumbing equipment, hardware, small appliances, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, water stores and other shops in three with management ability, willingness to cooperate as Feiou Te water purifier special distribution points. The company will sign a formal distribution points with these special distribution agreement, regulate the operation of the market, to ensure that the interests of all market special distribution points. 4, the company provides products into enterprises, and institutions in detail drink "feasibility plan" to help dealers better promote their products, obtain greater benefits. 5, the company unified market wholesale price and retail price. 6, free home delivery, cash on delivery. 7, free product training for dealers. 8, after the first dealer to determine the order the company to provide timely support for the following: 1) complimentary large advertising inkjet, all kinds of publicity POP, licensing and other permits; 2) free production Feiou Te water purifiers house ads. 3) Get free advertising banners or flags; 4) if the dealers themselves install a water purifier, the company presented a small Unicom; 5) purchase of a cargo company provides 50 cups free; 9, the company strictly control product quality, reduce Product Cost. Companies on product prices 15 days in advance notify the dealer, the price indeed, be traced back 15 days from the date of the price the dealer will pay back the delivery post. 10, the company's products free year warranty and lifetime maintenance. If you have any questions warranty products to implement 1: 1 free replacement (filter is not covered under warranty, except human factors). The warranty period only charge the cost of accessories. 11, with the development of the market, the company's advertising campaign, Fei Oute water purifier will gradually be accepted by the public, then the monthly dealer sales will rise sharply, profits will be greatly enhanced.

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