A + Certification water purifier to the filter sector through the water purifier _

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A + certification as a water purifier industry through the filter of: water purifier Views: 418 Date: 2017-12-14 10:20:50 in the water purifier market, high-end water purification products, real materials, sale perfect, there are low-end water purification products, substandard product quality, a problem to find people. In this chaotic situation, how should consumers choose your favorite water purifier products? Against this background, the Chinese Academy of household appliances and light Certification Center jointly launched the A + certification standards, allowing high-end water purifier to stand out, to indicate the consumer to buy direction. After the A + A water purification products, is necessary to detect the cumulative net amount of water, lead, arsenic (pentavalent), chloroform and other projects, test results all reached the international advanced level, to get a + certified. Thus, A + certified water purifiers have become the consumer choice "high quality" products an important basis for the development of water purification industry play a leading role. A + certification is not only a high threshold for water purification, but also the threshold of all high-end home appliances. This standard is based on the international advanced level as the goal, through professional testing, certification authority, so that high-end home appliances and general products are no longer blurred, so that businesses and consumers are rules to follow. On water purification industry point of view, A + certification has become a high-end water purifier "over filter", all the low-end water purification products in the door. 恬净,净水器