Water purifiers water pipe burst caused by newly renovated houses damaged

2020-07-13 22:26:14  来源:http://www.pro2biz.com  编辑:admin

Recently, the Jurong Huayang Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau mediate the dispute together because of water purification quality problems for consumers to restore economic loss of 3 million.

In June of this year, Mr. Zhang bought a shopping mall in Jurong 1 water purifier, August 20, installed after day, water purifier water pipe burst, water purifiers not only damage also caused Mr. Zhang has just renovated houses damaged. Mr. Zhang in a timely manner to reflect the Jurong supermarkets, shopping malls but that represents only responsible for the water purifier water pipes repaired, no compensation for the loss of the decoration.

Mr. Yu Shizhang dial 12315 hotline for complaints. After receiving the complaint, the Jurong Huayang Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau in time to assign staff to investigate, according to the law and the organization of business and consumer mediation. Business people after nearly a month of mediation, the two sides finally reached an agreement, businesses due to the quality of water purifier Mr. Zhang compensation for 4000 yuan and 26,000 yuan housing renovation loss, a total of 30,000 yuan.