Ecological compensation mechanism Fujian improve water quality in major river valleys priority stand

2020-06-28 21:59:45  来源:  编辑:admin

Office of the Fujian provincial government recently issued the "ecological compensation measures to protect key watersheds Fujian Province," the full establishment of a unified standard of ecological compensation mechanism for protecting the whole basin covering the whole province, to take the province to support one, cities and counties focus on a way to add ecological protection compensation major river basins financing efforts to promote sustainable development and environmental basin-wide water quality upstream watershed areas to improve.

"measures" clearly within the scope of the basin all city and county are both watershed ecology protector, also a beneficiary of increased environmental management and ecological protection of water into river basin shared responsibility. At the same time, considering the level of benefit in different regions, the responsibility to protect, economic development and other factors, to the upper reaches of the basin, to the less developed regions in the financing and distribution tilt on.

According to the water quality of priority, the principle of rewards and punishments, "measures" will be the main factor in distribution of compensation funds as an indicator of water quality, the establishment of incentive mechanisms, to better water quality, water environment and ecological protection of large contributions, saving more than water City, county to increase compensation, or otherwise less to no compensation.

"measures" should be made in accordance with the requirements of the establishment of long-term mechanism to protect the ecological compensation, clear funding criteria, allocation methods, scope, management and supervision and inspection division of responsibilities and other measures to achieve ecological protection and compensation funding allocation standardized and transparent.

According to the "measures", including compensation for watershed provincial support portion and the stock portion of the new section. The stock part that is the focus of the provincial government began making annual water environment comprehensive improvement of 220 million yuan as a special budget of ecological compensation basin; the new part of the 2018-2020 Year three years in place year after year. Among them, the provincial government special budget, respectively, an annual increase of 45 million yuan, 45 million yuan, 60 million yuan.