Look for the big strength of the brand Ho Chak water purifier guard your drinking water health

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increasingly serious water pollution problems make it a significant reduction in the quality of drinking water, install water purifier in the home terminal has become essential to many families choose. At the same time, among the many water purifier, Ho Chak water purifier emerged as the darling of many families.

认准大实力品牌 浩泽净水机守护您的饮水健康

substantial brand strength

as Ho Chak Hong Kong main board listed companies, ranked No. 7 in the Forbes listing of Chinese enterprises hundred potential in fiscal 2015 bit. China is also the first commercial water purification market share of the brand, its strength is evident.

In addition, Ho Chak water industry is China Association executive vice president and national standard drafting unit, the first in the ozone technology in the field of drinking water purification business. Super service network covering the whole country more than 800 cities, counties, towns, with more than 1000 staff and thousands of vehicles, emergency service vehicles, established the first domestic water purifier brand 24x365 day year-round services.

the world's leading security technology APO + Ho Chak water purifier brand water purifier using the technology of water purification is a leading international security APO +, can effectively prevent "secondary pollution", truly safe, healthy, you can drink. Safe water purification technology APO + is an acronym for Absorption, Purification and Ozone, namely the optimization stage adsorption, filtration and high-quality fresh purification technology, "+" or better, really guarantee fresh water, health and safety.

cloud water purification technology, with the "core" is still

to lead the future of cloud water purification technology: full cycle monitoring water quality and safety, supplies filter dynamically updated display of consumption values, always grasp involving water safety the supplies filter status and automatically send reminders to ho Chak "cloud services", service personnel will take the initiative to replace the home maintenance, Hao Ze "cloud service center" in order to ensure energy-saving equipment such as within two hours of hot water without the use of heat function will automatically shut down. Filter using environmentally friendly food-grade materials to ensure the safety and health of water quality, to ensure that each household drinking water safer and more at ease.

Water is the source of life, long-term high-quality drinking water for the importance of healthy human body is self-evident. Ho Chak water purifier combines superior quality water purification technology, to attract prospective "Internet of Things" smart elements, truly clean water plus water-saving, easy to use and easy to use, allowing users access to drinking water health, but alsoLeading the new trend of water purification industry.

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