Marco Polo purifier you explain how water purification agents to join the select manufacturers

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May Day holiday has just ended, do a home water purifier to join the customer surnamed Wang called me before I talk of good and small series, talked about his confusion of clean water sales, in throughout depth exchanges to share in my opinion made him very excited, I feel every word can touch or shock him, so he re-ignited in the water purification industry once again successfully raging flames! also burning I began to feel this industry, Tucao about. In fact, it only joined in the water purification industry to stay longer, see more of it various problems. If you want to make a regional water purifier market, then you have to get ready for battle, operational experience success by means of water purifier brand manufacturers regionalization, and water purifier brand manufacturers to form a strong community of interests, develop their own ideas and the method of sale, and more to be good at summing up and improve together! there are a lot of agents and dealers consider a simple manufacturer of propaganda and brand awareness, while ignoring the agency policy and household water purification product quality. Currently, the market water purifier brand even if the brand of Marco Polo is a regular, while other brands are struggling to build its own brand image, some manufacturers of household water purifier company is entirely of trade, does not have the production capacity, this brand of household water purifier manufacturers generally choose OEM production in other household water purifier brand manufacturers and then shipped to its water purification agents, product quality is difficult to be guaranteed. As we all know, water purifier market is not as mature, many markets may need to use their own network of resources to promote the quality of the product and the resulting reputation will have a significant impact on water purifier brand sales. Therefore, the proposed dealer agents friend, must pay attention to try to choose a production base or production capacity of home water purifier brand. At the same time, there are many household water purification agents or simply consider the low price, and water purifier manufacturers tend to cater to such a low price and has repeatedly lost principles. Moreover, some manufacturers hit the "sign proxy service vehicles Ji Song," "You hit my money Distribution", "return air ticket to send," and other enticing advertising, not knowing that there are many potential pitfalls, and the petty customers fooled. Way here to remind the majority of dealers and water purification water purification agents friend, there is no free lunch, water purification industry has no business strong to the point of a money everywhere, in addition to throwing fantasy, hard work is king! Combination according to the author water industry's actual situation, the success of water purification agents generally tend to take into account safety factors,To select two brands, trying to have a complementary effect in terms of the impact of price, product categories and brands, but do not select more than two or more brands, otherwise you can not take into account the resources and effort are broken up, not able to focus, may have done a bad. Some dealers operate more than N brands, but much overlap between the brands, which are mostly low-priced products, the result is getting difficult is the truth. Shandong, a customer had to make a bathroom feel good, all of a sudden took five water purifier brand, to open large stores operation results to pieces, hard end, the reason, their own experience! Also, do not blindly low-cost or simply consider well-known brand, so the operation will not be in their favor, it is difficult to meet the diverse needs of the market. Even so, water purification agents can also choose some brand has a good reputation, such as Marco Polo Shenzhen, the most famous brand of household water purifiers, Marco Polo is a family advocate drinking water, product quality has become the industry benchmark. Franchise size exceeded 100,000 square meters, with their own production capacities, the "dual-core" core purification technology, and a hundred patents, research focused on home water purifier longer than ten years. Water purifier market by means of these cutting-edge brands to own as an extension of a product line agents, to ensure profits, but also greatly reduce their business risks. Shenzhen water purifier manufacturers agent which is better? Marco Polo is your best choice. Solve puzzles, sort out good ideas, water purification agents in order to better move forward with ease, make the most sensible choice, but also to do a better local market.