Kai Feile water purifiers- eggs invisible sediment pollution on your side

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the face of increasingly serious water pollution today, although the water plant can be harmful substances in water pollution basically removed, but tap water during transport, with the aging pipeline will have a "secondary pollution of water . " In the city, most water pipes have been a dozen or decades of history, it has been rusting pipe wall, even on long moss.


After the aging pipes, taps out of water, is not clean, there may even be sediment, rust, eggs. Because water pollution problems, it has been mostly replaced with bottled water for drinking tap water, but bottled water is really safe? Seemingly trivial drink, drink will not bring big trouble.

on bottled water source,

you know how much?

bottled water as the main source of water Most people drink, often shady was broke. There are even a lot of people take ground water and toilet water acts as bottled water, along with bottled water security problems sparked heated debate, many people increasingly worry: What people can not see the bottled water industry insider in the end there

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截图 black heart of water, black heart bucket: a health hazard poison infinite

"black water" refers to unscrupulous traders with tap water filling directly into bottled water , "black barrel" industrial wastes in the polymer, the water environment will leak, which it is an organic pollutant, easy to make human carcinogen. People drink the "black bucket" filled with water, there will be no feeling at once, but as chronic poisoning as harmful in later years will be shown.

Because bottled water as long as there is a bucket and bottle caps can fill any raw water, fraud, low cost, is a veritable windfall, so in recent years, although strong national inventory, but repeated, it is a poison infinity.

comprises a barrel buckets "PET, PC, heteroaryl barrel" in three ways:

heteroaryl barrel: recycling of various waste plastics, toxic and carcinogenic.

PET barrels: one-time use, repeated use of toxic, in 2004, the state banned the PET recycling barrels for bottled water packaging.

PC barrels: the first two contrast, high temperature resistant, hard material, subject to national recognition.

As a rule, each bucket 10 is repeated usingAfter 0 times, it must be scrapped. Experts say the scrap bucket of bacteria is often the "promised land."

11.9% of the national sampling of bottled drinking water failed!

PET material bucket pyrolysis of harmful substances can cause cancer!

See here, if you bottled water With the new awareness? bottled water market was mixed, the quality of worrying. Accidentally drink the "black water", you also repel water purifier it?

供水系统 in the early 20th century New York City water supply system

the problem of water pollution has been affecting people of life, from the outbreak of yellow fever in 1789, resulting in 2,000 deaths in New York, accounted for approximately 6% of the population of New York's total population; the recent China Taiwan "dead water" problem, from 1804 to today, we are in the development a variety of modern purification system has made great progress, these purification equipment and systems, both for the city, but also for the rural areas, it is commonly used in the home. Use water purifier effectively prevent the breeding of various water-borne diseases, effectively protecting the water's health. Water softening through the water purifier filter, adsorption, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis filtration techniques, the sediment, rust, bacteria, microbes, viruses, pesticides, antibiotics and other harmful substances discharged by filtration, ensures that the water purity. Also drinking water purifier installed in the terminal, without pipelines, there is no secondary pollution.

for the families of healthy drinking water, use a water filter selection is undoubtedly the most sensible. Filtered water through the RO membrane is the world's safest water drinkable, and measure the quality of RO membrane water purification products, water purification principle must first see whether professional, sophisticated and reasonable. Usually smaller brands in order to save costs, mostly by film + PP cotton + RO three post carbon filtration, so as to achieve cost increase profits; and U.S. KAOFL Kaifei Le combination of five filters, and more emphasis filtering effect practicality, using pre-carbon cotton + PP + PP cotton + RO + post carbon film, high-quality and effective removal of contaminants from water. US KAOFL Kai Feile recent years, mainly to serve the high-end users, decades of practical experience, to create rigorous, professional water purifier, quality control and filter technology in a more comprehensive grasp. From a long-term point of view, the purchase of a water purifier cost is not high, select KAOFL Kaifei Le KF-RO400 / F7, large flowThe amount of pure water, gives you more peace of mind, peace of mind.

KAOFL Kaifei Le KF-RO400 / F7

major upgrade new style configuration

"400G large flow without waiting for water purification."

凯菲勒 five filters, maternal drinking straight

An "effective removal of sediment, rust, eggs"

凯菲勒 of water eight times less time

"Interface less leakage farewell net / double pure water. "

凯菲勒 凯菲勒

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