Qin Kang water purifier- filter so important that you actually too lazy to change!

2020-07-31 02:10:27  来源:http://www.pro2biz.com  编辑:admin

In fact, water purifier is one of the most important filter, its role is very large, and need to be cleaned and replaced regularly. When the water purifier life prompts have frequently raised the alarm, change the filter constantly telling you that there are always some people who hold indifferent attitude, this filter can feel more stays up, for no change does not matter. Error! Serious misunderstanding! Purifiers not promptly replaced, the following consequences will bear you up. (Source: Qin Kang water purification organ network, invasion deleted) 1, filtering effect weakened, clogged filter small water flow not only resorted to water flow decreases, the filtering effect may also be reduced, resulting in clean water "clean" reduce the degree, At this time consumers have to drink straight, it might harmful impurities absorbed into the body. 2, overloaded operation, shorten filter life other substantially water purifier now cascade filtering, if the first stage filter clogging --PP quilts, water, sand, rust and other large foreign particles will follow the part of the raw water directly into the the second stage filter - activated carbon, activated carbon is actually not allow large particles responsible for filtering impurities must bear the burden of this foreign, overworked, extremely fast shorten its life. Maybe you just had to bear "PP cotton filter" replacement cost at this time, because "from time to time to replace the filter" this bad habit, you need to bear the cost of two double filter even more. 3, progressive damage to the life of the machine and so on, all the filter life will be greatly shortened, the entire operation of the machine will become slow, which makes the machine will soon "come to an end." These three great harm a little cliche, but it is undeniable that the consumer's "filter change" awareness is still very weak. (Source: Qin Kang water purification organ network, invasion deleted) recommends that everyone: water purifier is mainly on one of the cartridge filter impurities was able to clean water, so consumers must be changed regularly and clean the filter, water purifier so life to longer, more healthy drinking water for us. (Source: Qin Kang water purification organ network, intrusion deleted)