A.O. Smith cupboard under hot and cold drinking water machine that is awarded the -vanguard of techn

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June 10, held in the form of online video, "2020 China Summit Forum of kitchen appliances" for outstanding kitchen electric brand and products were recognized, a total of eight brands of 11 models of products have been " pioneer "title.


The eight electric kitchen brands are A.O. Smith, Casa Imperial, Haier, Midea, the boss, Siemens, and the million and Whirlpool. Among them, the United States, AO Smith, respectively, there are 3, 2 products won the "vanguard of technological innovation," the title, boss, Siemens, the million and one each product won the "vanguard of technological innovation," the title, paragraph 1 Casa Imperial Haier have products were given the "wisdom of health pioneer," "intelligent linking pioneer" title, Whirlpool has 1 product won the "health wisdom enjoy pioneer" title.

At the same time, Whirlpool also was named "2020 China kitchen electric industry health technology brand."

obtained "Pioneer" title 11 product categories covering the plurality of water purifiers, cooker hood, oven, stove, dishwasher, kitchen integrated, electric kitchen set of lines and the like.

gain brand recognition and product names shown as follows:

technological innovator: 8 products

AO Smith: 2 section

cabinet hot and cold drink water purifier, "challenges zero slip" double hood top side;

United States: 3, paragraph

has shown signs oven PT3520W, smoke fumes with frequency machine E88, Master intelligent stove XQ3S;

boss: 1, paragraph

three sides spirit rope large suction hood 5915S;

SIEMENS: 1, paragraph

crystal Lei dishwasher SJ656X26JC;

Million and: (1) of

integrated cooking stove JJZT / Y-PZK3;

wisdom health vanguard: 1 product

[123 ] Casa Imperial: gourmet kitchen electric series

intelligent linking vanguard: 1 product

Haier: cloud series 7 electric kitchen

enjoy healthy intellectual vanguard: 1 section [123 ]

Whirlpool: "MoMo" series of micro Zhengkao one machine WML7001BC;

2020 China kitchen electric industry Health Technology Brand: Whirlpool.

It is understood that this forum guided by the Chinese Academy of household appliances, the global home network, "household appliances" magazine sponsored. Its strategic cooperation and support units were Suning Tesco Group Co., Ltd. and the National Household Appliances Industry Information Center.

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