Earthquake relief, rush to the rescue Zhaotong, midrib in action!

2020-07-25 00:28:11  来源:  编辑:admin

for Zhaotong severe earthquake in Yunnan, last night in the vein of Technology senior leadership has night held an emergency meeting, decided to launch Yunnan Zhaotong related donations and assistance programs, in the vein of road and public foundations established for this purpose in Yunnan earthquake relief special group.


This morning, in the vein of road and public foundations not only held the earthquake relief special work conference, but also, and relevant government agencies and authorities were actively communicate, understand the disaster area the current situation and the living needs of vulnerable people. Meanwhile, relief operations and pulse Road Community Foundation has been officially opened, on the one hand for the urgent needs of people in disaster areas, emergency procurement is related to food aid, drinking water, tents, blankets and mats, clothes, toiletries, etc. supplies; on the other hand also raise a special relief funds, at a later time will be donated to the disaster areas through Zhaotong relevant public institutions, in addition, in the vein of Science and Technology also plans to organize a group of caring volunteers went to the heart of the disaster area, to carry out in the field of donations and relief operations.

in the vein of science and technology calls for marketing partners around the positive response and co-ordinate arrangements pulse Road and public funds for efficient and orderly conduct related contributions and assistance. I believe that through our join hands, mutual help, will be able to overcome the disaster and weather the storm. Zhaotong Come on! I wish everyone safe!

in the vein again Wuhan donated one million hand disinfection supplies

fight against the new crown is everyone's responsibility, midrib beautiful Division donated 1 million yuan to Wuhan, Hubei

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