Interview with clean water source product launches upgraded version of the RO membrane Nanofiltratio

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sky sand attacked the capital, once again sounded the alarm of environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution has not only limited scientific fields to solve, has seriously affected people's lives. Followed by air purifier, water purifier products in the market of active performance, but for such a special product line businesses, their own sense of responsibility must be strong enough to be able to hold up the user's expectations. Clean water source water environment management is committed to research and development for many years with the film, held a "clear water above the" theme product launch in the spring of 2015, while product launch is also responsible oath. After


Interview with clean water source new conference RO membranes upgraded version of Nanofiltration

The conference, the reporter had the honor to Beijing Mr. origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Offered force water purification, drinking water safety director Mr. Liu Wenjun environmental Institute, Tsinghua University and the Chinese Center for disease control and prevention researcher, Chinese water environmental experts conducted an interview with E Miller, experts express their views on new clean water source, At present large water environment interpretation.


Beijing Origin Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy Offered force

Offered force: the film is our core weapons

Mr. Offered force in answer repeatedly referred to the nature of the clean water source enterprise is a film development, film production companies, and other enterprises difference is clear water sources with the strength of independent film production when a reporter's question, the membrane water purifier is the core competitiveness of the market, at least for now to domestic enterprises can see few independent manufacturing filtration membranes, clean water source is one of them.

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