OSO for the development of multi-channel consumers solve problems booster water purifier business

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electricity supplier in power era, when it comes to online and offline, many people will immediately surfaced O2O brain, but I wonder if there is a OSO mode, which is a combination of O2O mode and B2C electronic business model to solve O2O model of vulnerability in terms of user experience and service, which is more suitable for development of electronic business survival. In the water purifier electricity supplier has failed to achieve a major breakthrough in the moment, OSO mode or more suited to development of the industry.


OSO help solve problems for consumers purifier multi-channel business development

OSO namely online + service + offline (online mall + service + direct line under experience). It is not easy to buy online, offline experience, but through the online service, connect the line, ties and highlight the importance of services, oso focus is "s", and two "o" in its focus, the line passage is formed by making online services. Because e-commerce itself is a service industry, is to give consumers a better shopping environment and user experience, from Internet portal, search and now social networking and e-commerce are to provide users with services, information, communication and services form, oso pattern becomes more in line with current domestic water purifier development of electronic business survival of the business model.

For the domestic e-commerce industry, this pattern is likely to replace soon oso originally proposed to o2o mode, become the main business model in the future survival and development of domestic electricity supplier, because this model is not only good the o2o and b2c combines, while also taking into account the consumer's user experience and online shopping services. oso mode will solve problems for consumers, oso model is not a simple combination of online and in-line, but a prominent new commercial system customer experience, service experience shop product models, the price line and online mall, promotion policy and the standard of service will remain the same. As more and more water purifier buyers at no time prior to the purchase upfront access to information, more troubling issue is the sale of water purification products purchased online.

For the domestic e-commerce industry, this pattern is likely to soon replace oso originally proposed to o2o mode, become the main mode of operation of domestic electricity business survival and development, because oso mode will solve problems for consumers , can in fact water purifier businessNow multi-channel development strategy, in fact, is a win-win wisdom.