Four Seasons song Mu water purifier affordable family healthy choice

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Now, in the slowdown in economic growth environment, the appliance industry trend of weak, water purifier market competition is also more intense. Many water purifier brand in order to survive and develop, at the price of reducing its water purifier, playing the price war.

face severe water industry pricing pressures and market test, domestic water purifier brand leader in the Four Seasons song Mu brand has always believed that quality is the foundation of survival, brand development characteristics is the last word. Pay attention to water purifier product quality, while constantly optimize water purification technology, to create a whole series of hot and cold, luxury high-volume series, UV sterilization series, micro wastewater series, family series comes standard with features series of water purification machines, meet consumers' increasingly diverse water purification, drinking water needs. Hot and cold whole family enjoy hot and cold with one machine due to the hot and cold water dual advantage of health benefits, but also won the favor of consumers and support, very competitive market.

double hot and cold water to achieve dual-purpose hall kitchen

Looking at the domestic water purifier market, a lot of water purifier brand in the fierce competition in the blind pursuit of market share, while ignoring the consumer the actual water, drinking water needs. For example, in the market, many companies produce water purifier than a single function, only with purification function, do not have the heating function, output to the water is cold. For families with babies and the elderly, and the purchase of such single-function water purifier, water purification needs in formulating its back-end system or add instant hot drinks machine to achieve a pipeline of hot water.

Four Seasons song Mu departure from consumers, for consumers have developed a set of such needs purification, heated in-one water purifier - Enjoy hot and cold machine. It is reported that the Four Seasons song Mu enjoy hot and cold dual-machine hot and cold water, can meet the cold and hot water demand, long-lasting insulation, and cold water, hot water a key Xpress conversion is very convenient. Thus, whether it is to cook soup kitchen, or living room brew to drink straight, Four Seasons song Mu enjoy hot and cold one machine can meet, the Office of dual-use kitchen, a top two.

四季沐歌净水机 健康实惠大家庭首选

Space photon purification systems, restore good water sweet nature

In addition to cooling and heating water features, the Four Seasons song Mu water purification ability and enjoy hot and cold is not a small one machine watch for. It uses space photonic purification system, five impurities filtered water, sterilized and purified efficiently.

enjoy cold machine five filters, the first stage and the third stage using double PP filter (patent),Sectional area of ??the inner and outer layers using the golden ratio 0.618, through the unique 3D meltblowing techniques, the use of a dense inner cotton type PP layer improves the accuracy of cutoff, the outer layer of PP using loose cotton-type layer to improve the performance of pollutant. Another two, using high-end photonic carbon, the surface area can be up to three times more than traditional carbon particles, water flux can be 30% or more, can create more good water per unit of time and space by photon sterilization technology to good points, let the water more sweet, more clean, good water reduction sweet nature.

四季沐歌净水机 健康实惠大家庭首选

to enjoy hot and cold machine as the representative of the Four Seasons song Mu water purification machines, combines the advantages of a variety of health benefits and so on. The face of slowdown in economic growth, intense competition in the market of clean water pressure, both at the store around the Four Seasons song Mu water purifier line, or the Four Seasons song Mu Lynx flagship store, Jingdong flagship store and other network platform, not only did sales decline, the trend continues to grow but there. It can be said that this is the Four Seasons song Mu adhere to the quality and characteristics of the water purifier water purifier price war in the results.