Li Yuen water purifier promulgated the -water ten- energy saving type water purifier market is large

2020-06-11 16:29:01  来源:  编辑:admin

"Water 10" was announced, a good water purification industry, implementation of the "Water 10", the water purification industry will create one hundred billion investment feast. The face of "water ten", the first brand Li Yuen water machine ready to go, technology innovation, leading the intelligent water-saving water purification industry leader, implementation of the "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan" third "focus on saving water protection resources "to control the total water use, water efficiency, water conservation science.

Li Yuen water purifier general manager, said: "Water 10" The introduction of open water and environmental protection of new hope, but also indicates that China's water pollution situation is grim, great difficulty pollution, improve water environment that is not a day of power. In such a situation, the most direct way is people drinking water purification, water purifier to ensure safe and healthy drinking water terminal. Consumers can buy directly Drinking water purifier, your family drink safe water.

金利源净水器出台“水十条”  节能节水型纯水机市场大

It is understood that the water purifier market, the most significant filtering effect is pure water, pure water while doing the most outstanding is the first national smart water purifier brand Jinliyuan. Li Yuen household water use of advanced RO reverse osmosis technology, inherited the advantages of traditional water treatment RO water, pure, health, sweet, two-drink water straight. The new non-concentrated water patented technology to overcome the traditional RO water 1: 3 wastewater discharge product defects, to achieve 1: 0.5 ratio of waste water, is the most water-saving water purifier brand. In terms of energy, water machine Jinliyuan electroless booster power be 100%, is the most energy-efficient water machine!

Jinliyuan household water real implementation of the "water-ten" in the "Investing in the protection of water resources conservation," the instruction, healthy drinking water at the same time bring to users, restricting emissions of waste water, improve water utilization, water purifiers truly environmentally friendly, low-carbon concept.

frequent household drinking water safety incidents, we need to guarantee the daily household water purifiers drinking water safety, household water purification equipment demand blowout. Especially in the "water ten" to promote the cause of environmental protection, water purification whole industry chain will enter a period of high investment, "water ten" will refresh the water purifier market growth, the formation of new market size. Water purifier investment threshold is low, low risk, high return, driven by "water 10", will give rise to more wealth-creating opportunities, but investors need to do is find a powerful brand with a water purifier cooperation, Li Yuen, as China's first brand water machine, I believe thatThe strength to do your best partner.