Inventory resolve the internal structure of the water purifier water purifier what constitutes

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also called purifier water purifier, water filter, is based on the use of water on the water quality depth filtration, water purification treatment equipment. Usually talk water purifier, generally refers to small filters as home use. Its technical core of the filter element in the filtration membrane apparatus, the main and the RO membrane technology from two kinds of reverse osmosis membranes. Chemical agents can effectively filter the water purifier rust, sand, colloidal and adsorption of chlorine, odor, color, and other pesticides. Can effectively remove bacteria, impurities, toxins, heavy metals. Application of water purification technology in the field of drinking water, making the phenomenon of "acclimatization" will soon be history, effectively solve the endemic disease in many places due to groundwater caused by excessive harmful minerals. We will only use water purifiers, but say it is deep to ask you what constitutes you do not know it! Do not really a thing as this, to know not useless, to deeper water purifier not only can be used to hold understanding B, but also for water purification problems when the determination, and an effective solution, enough so that much of it!


the water purification composition of

1, low pressure switch; 2, high-voltage switch; 3, the booster pump; 4, waste water ratio; 5, inlet valve; 6, flush solenoid valve; 7, pressure tank; 8, small ball inlet; 9 , small ball pressure barrel; 10, check valve, the check valve; 11, transformer; 12, computer control panel; 13, filter



normally open low-pressure switch :( ) machine with water protection. When the water pressure reaches the set value, a low pressure switch is closed, the water circuit system is turned on; when no tap water or clogging of the pretreatment filter, a low pressure switch is turned off, cutting off the circuit water system, protect the pump is not idle.

:( normally closed high pressure switch) sensing the pressure of storage tank, with automatic opening stop. When the pressure reaches a pressure barrel (about 0.25MPa, then the pressure bucket full), high-voltage switch is turned off, cutting off the circuit water system, the whole system stops water; the barrel when the pressure falls to the pressure set value ([ 123] <0.2MPa,此时压力桶水浅),高压开关闭合,整机恢复制水。

booster pump: water pressure used to provide the desired working pressure RO membranes

wastewater ratio: adjusting the proportion of pure wastewater and establish a working pressure RO membrane

[. 123] inlet valve: cutting water when the machine is stopped, a follow-up effect of preventing the cartridge continues to be pressure; b. antiStop waste water through the RO membrane leading to waste channel flow continuously reduced filter life c.

Flush solenoid valve: providing a channel rapidly flowing wastewater RO membrane, an RO membrane to improve the surface of the water flow rate, to achieve the effect of flushing the RO membrane.

Pressure tank: water purifier with storage, to ease the contradiction between the size of the RO membrane system of water per unit time per unit time and the domestic water user.

Small ball water: water with a cutting machine during installation and replacement of the filter.

Pressure tank small ball: pressure cutting machine debugging maintenance and replacement of the carbon filter bucket road.

check valve, the check valve: the machine is stopped when the pressure of water to prevent the water tub through the RO membranes resulting in a waste water from the waste water to flow continuously, by receiving the back pressure bRO membrane damage, C filter life reduce.

Transformers: providing power to the machine (DC 24V)

Computer Control Panel: Display the status of the machine; RO membrane automatic washing machine according to the operating state; display actual time filter element to remind users to change the filter element (some models have this function); real-time monitoring of the conductivity of pure water (some models have this feature). It is noted that: the computer connector plate 12 lines were: a, yellow line connected two low-voltage switchgear; b, two blue lines connected to the high voltage switch; c, two connected black line inlet valve; d, red two bonding flush solenoid valve ; e, a high pressure pump connected to two green line, f, two white lines connected to the power supply.

filter: the first three of PP cotton, granular activated carbon, the activated carbon are compression functions coarse filtration, trapping larger impurities in the water, which can play an effective role in protecting the RO membrane, wherein the RO membrane also known as reverse osmosis filtration membrane, which relies on a machine pressure applied to the raw water, the moisture in the raw water through the RO membrane, the raw water and minor impurities, excess inorganic salts, organic matter, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, pesticides other waste chloroform trapped down all other harmful substances, and harmful foreign substances and concentrated salt water is discharged through the continuous discharge of water, and then get out of clean drinking water.

Common accessories faults and solutions

First, the high-pressure pump does not start, not fresh water

Check whether the power plug is plugged; check the low pressure switch is failure, not power; check high-voltage switch or control waterWhether the system malfunction; check transformer fuse is burning.

Second, the high pressure pump can not work properly but the fresh water

The high pressure pump loss of pressure; pre filter plug (no waste water or waste water of small); clog check valve (waste water, no water); solenoid valve failure, can not effectively open; whether the RO membrane fouling.

Third, the high-pressure pump non-stop

is less than the high-pressure pump pressure, of less than the set pressure; check valve blockage, no water (no water waste water) high-voltage switch failure can not jump; solenoid valve failure, can not effectively open.

Fourth, the high-pressure pump is stopped but kept waste

solenoid valve failure, can not effectively without water; inspection methods: closed pressure tank valve, such as waste water still can be identified as the failure of a solenoid valve) ; there is a case, and then close the inlet valve is opened, if the machine is normal, it is determined that excessive pressure, resulting in closing the solenoid valve can not be flexible, the adjustment is considered to reduce the pressure explain total water); relief check valve, (small waste) (inspection methods: closed inlet valve, such as waste water still can be identified as the check valve relief).

Fifth, the machine filled with water repeatedly starts

is less than the pressure of the raw water; relief check valve; high pressure switch failure; system drop in pressure.

VI bucket full pressure but not flowing clean water

Pressure relief barrel; post carbon blockage; pressure barrel ball valve damage.

VII insufficient water flow

Pre-filter clogging; a pressure less than the high-pressure pump; the RO membrane fouling; wastewater ratio imbalance or not related flush switch tight.

eight, water and wastewater serious imbalance in the ratio of

Checking the rinsing solenoid valve is damaged; check for clogging or the proportion of waste water too conduction; check RO membrane fouling or serious decline removal.

IX rinsing machine stop:

than waste or failures. Rinse the beginning no tight.

X. noisy


to check the original water line without water, causing booster idling, resulting in water purifier noisy; whether Attorney raw water is normal, if a water tower, whether there is water gas; check whether the booster pump failure, excessive vibration, friction sound or the like to check whether stable water purifier placedSolid; check whether the water too long, pump vibrations make the water boiling hot water tap to check whether the cabinet cause excessive noise; check the compressor is normal.

XI leakage

Check the water water machine, find the leakage point; small Unicom check for leaks; check for leaks dispenser; if the leakage is very small, is not easy to check and to be dry facial tissue for testing.