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With the deepening of reform and supply-side consumption upgrade, the Chinese water continued to maintain steady growth in recent years, the water industry has become one of the fastest growing home appliance industry segments. Fierce competition in the market of water purification, water purification technology after another, development of the Internet is to open up new areas for the water industry, around artificial intelligence, new retail, networking, big data, sharing economy, water purification and other new user experience model, new format began. Trends and developments, opportunities and challenges, companies how to develop? What are the prospects of the positioning?

for a highly competitive water purification market, Xiao Bian finishing the 2017 Chinese water purification company representative character point of view, let us work together to explore the way the industry bigwigs breaking it.

United States A.O. Smith Group Senior Vice President (China) Investment Company president Ding Wei: the user experience. Ding Wei

has a splendid 143-year history of AO Smith

United States AO Smith Corporation Senior Vice President (China) Investment Company president, has always focused on research and development , build quality, the success of its industry leading century-old master status. Entered China 20 years ago, A.O. Smith continued development and success of localization, foreign companies in China to become a successful model. Mr. Ding Wei said the breakthrough industry problems and improve the user experience, AO Smith is manufacturing for many years to adhere to the "beginner's mind", the future AO Smith will continue to develop more quality health for the majority of Chinese consumers through technological innovation, enhance the Chinese consumer quality of life of persons.

cloud meter technology CEO Chen Xiaoping: intelligence.

cloud meter technology CEO Chen Xiaoping,

Mr. Chen Xiaoping said that 2017 meters from the point of view of cloud water purification market, our keyword is called intelligent, because all of our appliances is the theme of the Internet and smart.

intelligence applications to improve the quality of life, with subversive experience of smart appliances have been firmly established. Volkswagen released this consumer demand, companies need to continue making iterative upgrade, toward intelligent. Water purifier in the development of a single product, we will continue investment in future, we will achieve the ultimate product experience. We will also focus on the development of whole house water purification, central intelligence system. Now, weCentral water purification system is only to provide pure water, clean water only for consumers, we want intelligent central water purification system to consumers and home appliances as capable of interconnection, they produce the connection, it will not produce the same effect.

Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Vice President Zhao Kai: artisan spirit.

Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Vice President Zhao Kai

Mr. Zhao Kai said in an interview, as consumers of water purification products, "the blind "choose to becoming more" rational "choice, consumer word of mouth reputation impact to some extent on the people's choice, look at the Chinese water market, delisting and transition gradually staged in water purification companies, medium and small brands all in the transformation and upgrading, not only their own self-improvement, but also a reshuffle of the whole process of water purification industry. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumer concern about the health problems of drinking water is also gradually increased, while the water purifier has reached a new understanding, this also means that consumers are increasingly choosing water purification products It tends to be rational.

to the extreme attitude towards their products crafted, excellence, the pursuit of a more perfect idea of ??the spirit, Angel focus of high-end, quality of products first, and brand Butterfly over 25 set, deep plowing net drinking water industry, product design emphasizes user experience, the core considerations in terms of the first smart product can bring real benefits to consumers, followed by the interests of their own products the presentation of the system of things in addition to regular water quality reminders, replace the filter, the more products certified for the identity of the intelligent security feature allows consumers to directly identify the product, identity card number, place of origin, production time without opening the box can emerge at any time, so that consumers It can be more at ease.

plexus Jiang, president of Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. water purification: return to reason.

plexus Jiang, president of

water purification Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd.

plexus Jiang believes that with the passage of time, we know more and more autonomous more rational in terms of business, it is to meet consumer demand, develop better products.

and China to upgrade water filtration industry presents this trend: first, it is necessary to safety, but also healthy. second, Intelligent products, to provide consumers with a more convenient operation. It took five years while the clean water source, developed with independent intellectual property rights of nanotechnology, the removal of harmful substances, trace elements and mineral elements remain, so out of the water is safe and healthy.

At the same time, whether business or social value brand value much, just look at the contribution. So clean water sources has always been committed to independent research and development to create their own brand value to science and technology in order to make greater contributions to the water industry, social value.

Yu Feng, general manager of Greater China Division of Philips Water Purifier: brand.

Yu Feng, general manager of Greater China Division of Philips Water Purifier

In the opinion of Mr. Yu Feng, the water industry in 2017 should feel most strongly the brand concentration is very clear. No matter what kind of industry which now position the brand in what kind of position, to a place in this industry, brand building is a long way to go in the building, must be the ultimate brand + quality to go further.

because of the rapid development of online, our growth rate in recent years despite the slowdown, but growth is still relatively fast, but the electricity supplier development today, we obviously feel that growth is still weak, Therefore, online integration with traditional channels line is very important.

2011 I contacted water purifiers, first of all to broaden the product line, from water purifiers to clean the kettle are covered, but the competition is fierce; the next step we will shrink, will focus, from a certain point breakthrough, this is my advice to SMEs.

Germany BWT president of international sales FrankNeuendorf: health appliances.

Germany BWT president of international sales FrankNeuendorf

Mr. FrankNeuendorf believes that with the changes in the environment and the public to enhance the quality of life, air purifiers, net water equipment as the representative of increased remarkably healthy sales of home appliances, increasing public health concerns, making the green future of home appliances, health, intelligent functional requirements increase, which also stimulated the development of the industry, along with water purification equipment to enhance the level of consumption ushered in the popular market. In recent years, BWT meet the market demand, and actively layout health appliance market. MrFrank said,Sports is a topic of common concern of humankind, but it is always associated with health, strength, speed, etc., BWT appliances as a health representatives, in recent years, sports development strategy will be based.

Since the Second way to deal with the general household water treatment equipment for household domestic water in Europe and America, the world's leading manufacturer of water treatment both in Europe and America, where the BWT Europe's largest water treatment equipment manufacturing as business, its world-renowned quality. BWT adhering to the concept of product quality, functionality and design, the quality of the merchandise uphold the importance, respect for life, and consumer services. The BWT enter the Chinese market has been for 25 years, during which, BWT adhere to continuous learning, research and development of new products in line with China's water regime, especially magnesium ion series BWT, water machine series, it was developed to market feedback The product.

open to Pentair vice president Yao Liling: quality.

open to Pentair vice president Yao Liling

Ms. Yao Liling believe, the world's most eternal constant is change, because the change in the economy, changes in drinks our products is changing, I think the most central thing is the quality, including the quality of the product quality and service quality.


industry needs quality, not only product quality, as well as service quality, open to provide higher quality service, it is precisely in order to meet customer needs.

in the future, customers will not only be satisfied with a single point, such as the kitchen end of the drinking water, but the overall comfort of soft water and water, as well as the health of water are required. Therefore, the concept of whole house water purification more and more popular. In 2001, we proposed the whole house water purification family health concept, now see a lot of brands in the promotion of healthy whole house, it is very good trend, we believe that each of the manufacturers will do the whole house at market to find its own place.

Qingdao Haier Strauss Water Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Jianjun: business nature.

Qingdao Haier Strauss Water Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Jianjun

Mr. Liu Jianjun said that from the beginning of 2017, the entire water purification industry to return to reason, return to nature of the business, we provide users with a better experience, more competitionCompetition of products and solutions, in this regard, it should be a forward.

And when it comes to new retail, I have a few ideas: first, there is a new retail, then there is the old retail. Old retail to the difference between the new retail, we believe that the old retail business is centered, the new retail is based on user-centered. The second point, which is integrated with the company or brand strength more ecosystem, build more resources side, to form a new ecosystem. Within this system to meet user needs, create customer value, therefore, we believe that the future of competition is the competition platform and platform ecosystem and the ecosystem, rather than competing products and products.

Four Seasons song Mu water purification Ka1 Group Marketing Director: rationality.

Four Seasons song Mu water purification Group Marketing Director Ka1

Mr. Ka1 mentioned that this year obviously can feel, whether it is to do the brand Ye Hao, do manufacturing , we all have begun to calm down and do some basic work, including the building of basic research, service platform.

From the beginning of 2013 until today, four to five years has been doing some basic work, for example, we know that in the city a Four Seasons song Mu mentioned, almost very few people have heard of, in particular, in the terminal stores, you can not find the Four seasons song Mu shadow, because it is broken down in the field, is involved in many domestic brands less than the market, such as our county, township, town, village, this really development of the market, it has its own unique needs. Just like many experts mentioned as possible in the city, quality of tap water can also be better, but in the countryside, in villages and towns, the water quality of tap water, including a lot of places there is no running water, in order to provide safe drinking water in these places Four seasons Mu song has been in these areas, in market segments lot of technical innovations, including where there is no running water, some of our self-absorption class products.

Beijing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman by Fukang Chen surgery States: user needs.

Beijing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman by Fukang Chen surgery States

Mr. Chen surgery States believe that 2017 overall feeling of the water industry are more concerned about consumer demand, close to the user, regardless of appearance, functionality, including safe drinking water delivered to consumers more and more thorough awareness, more and more testInto account the feelings of consumers. In the past, we are in a brand advertising terminal, through different media to build brands; now, to win public opinion, such as HC audition, network selection, millions of users involved, feedback our consumer awareness, but also to brand recognition. It should be said more and return to the water industry as the main consumer, business to cater to the consumer, leading consumer, highlighting the brand of the times!

Delta Group president Xu Zhao fire: large flux.

Xu Zhao, president of Delta Fire Group

fire Mr. Xu Zhao believes that the internal structure of the development direction of water purification equipment increasingly clear. From a technical point of view, no electricity, no pumps, reverse osmosis has basically become the mainstream market, companies also significantly increased its investment that is filter-type products. Mr. Xu Zhao fire, said a number of water purification products market category, increasing the difficulty of consumer choice of water purification products, water purification technology for people who do not understand the issue of water is even more tangled. Reverse osmosis particularly good development because it can solve the problem of water pollution caused by industrial development, and only reverse osmosis technology can solve this problem, there is no other product can replace. After the development of reverse osmosis water purification technologies will also be mainstream, but also to the large flux direction. "Of course, the real development or to rely on the quality, not the core technology innovation and development of enterprises, will eventually be out of the market." Said Mr. Xu Zhao fire.

this year, Delta will continue to develop towards the direction of large flux, products 400,500,600,800,, 1000, 1200 gallon-based, while the main goal this year is also the foreign market development. According to Mr. Xu Zhao fire revealed that at present, the Delta pumps 800 gallons of product in the European market, such as Germany are very popular. The European market is very high demands on the pump, Delta has made preparations a few years, the big pump bedding market, this year is the key in foreign markets, Delta will seize the opportunity, the real deal, the real thing to do products, good brand, to set a good benchmark for the role, to bring good development prospects for the industry.

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