Guidebooks- anti-secondary pollution, water purifier essential maintenance

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Guidebooks: anti-secondary pollution, water purifier maintenance essential Guidebooks: anti-secondary pollution, water purification machines more and more essential to the maintenance of the residents use water purifier, water purifier will completely remove the impurities in the water, so family to spend a healthy clean water, but one thing that many consumers do not know, water purification machines need to be maintained, if maintenance done, it will not only affect the water effect, and may cause secondary water quality pollution, therefore, Tien net household water purification equipment, experts advise, maintain essential water purifier. When it comes to water purifier filter maintenance, the first is the replacement of the water purifier filter, replace the filter regularly is the key to protect water quality. Different water purifier, the composition of the filter element is not the same, under normal circumstances, pre-filter is not required to replace the filter, you only need to regularly wash; like PP cotton filter replaced every six months, activated carbon for one year six months to a year, RO membranes for the year and a half to two years, post carbon a year to a year and a half, membrane as a year and a half to two years. Tim experts have warned that net household water purification equipment, water purifier filter in addition to regular filter replacement, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential. Failure is inevitable and ultimately the failure of some problems in the use of water purifier process, like water leakage is the most common type of home water purification machines in use, if the leakage phenomenon must not panic, first home total inlet valve Close, and then hit the phone after-sales process, users do not disassemble water purifier, to avoid damage due to improper operation of water purification machines. To suit the installation position before installing water purifier, installation personnel will be on-site to install a general understanding, of course, you have to know something about the installation location, the installation of water purifier to avoid sun exposure, not a good installation outdoors, on the one hand there will be installed in outdoor temperature difference of influence, in addition, subject to long-term sun exposure can lead to the breeding of blue algae in the water purifier, it will have some impact on water quality. Cleaning water purifier usually has a flush function, when the device reaches a certain period of work, you need to wash, rinse the user can also periodically based on usage at home. If a family has more than more than three days of time without the use of water purification machines, re-use must first be rinsed before use.