Drinking water is currently at an early stage of development outlook

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National Comprehensive Development Research Center and the Institute for Development proposed resounding slogan "National Health drinking water from the beginning," the high-level seminar on "National Health drinking water and sustainable development strategy."

direct drinking water quality standards to achieve what?

includes no drinking water contamination, degradation did not meet the needs of the human body, the human body similar to contain useful minerals and water was weakly alkaline value Ph satisfying the above three conditions. Released by the Ministry of Health i.e. drinking water drinking water directly following seven criteria:

1, non-toxic to humans, harmful substances and odor;

2, moderate hardness of water (in calculated as calcium carbonate: 50-200mg / L);

3, the proportion of minerals and trace elements in water and body fluids similar to (where calcium = 8mg / L);

4 , the pH was weakly alkaline (pH value 7.0-8.0); pH color card, may be used to determine the pH of the water;

5, moderate dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide content in water (soluble in water oxygen = 6mg / L, the content of carbon dioxide 10-30mg / L);

6, small molecules of water (which is one of indicators of the activity of water, 5-6 small molecules of water); [ 123]

7, water is stronger physiological functions (including penetration, solubility, metabolism, etc.).


is drinking water and water necessary complement improved. Whether today or in the future, the source of drinking water in the town is still running water, but with the improvement of living standards, people's increasing emphasis on safe drinking water, drinking water in the unit, install the proportion of households increased year by year.

development of our country drinking water industry is still in its infancy, due to the development of the media, the dissemination of knowledge and constantly improve people's awareness of water dispensers has been improving, the huge market demand, but the accurate positioning product supply lagging behind. In developed countries such as USA, Japan, Israel, home water dispensers penetration rate of over 50%, while China's penetration rate of home water dispensers of less than 5%, the development prospects are very impressive.