Whether water purifier qualified in the end who is in charge- Tell you a few people know the way

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Although the water purifier is a new thing in the domestic industry, the national standard is less, not too strict execution, the user's basic procurement is always intuitive; brand, origin, advertising, sales the introduction, which basically solved more than 90% of the purchase selection problem. You may not know, this selection method is neither scientific nor credible, most people are in luck selection.

However, this selection is really reasonable?

a common method of selection and influence

We know that the purpose of the purchase of a water purifier is to ensure the health, psychological comfort is not bought, it is not practical to provide clean water It is an important basis related to health. However, in the absence of authoritative criterion premise, how to really buy rest assured products? ,

When our general selection, the reference brand, function descriptions, prices and sales personnel decisions, but the water purifier really qualified, not the manufacturer will be able to unilaterally certificate to prove.

As 3M in front of a water purifier filter effects although the thought of feeling pretty good, but it broke the back of arsenic exceeding the scandal, people feel then, ......

then , since the quality of the water purifier is so critical, and difficult to judge, is there a practical way to ensure the safety of it?

Second, third-party testing organization

really have that third-party testing! Interests unrelated third-party testing is the most impartial referee, of course, you can send third-party testing on a machine, but the efficiency is too low. Relatively simple way is to use point Model by NSF certification.

We know water safety standards established by NSF, it is considered the world's most stringent testing standards, through its certified products can be basically qualified to ensure effective, because it is through product sampling to detect conclusions.

Third, the product list

If you want to worry too much trouble, before the purchase can go NSF product list to inquiries, but through much of the country may be certified; so the same model under , the price should be more expensive. The matter of opinion, no longer get to the bottom.