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Oberoi air can debut 2015 China (Shanghai) Oberoi air heat pump can show debut 2015 China (Shanghai) Exhibition March 9 heat pump, heat pump from the Fifth China Southern Exhibition and heating exhibition organized by the China Energy Conservation Association only the remaining eight days, both the organizers or exhibitors making final preparations business in an orderly, look forward to the 2015 China (Shanghai) heat pump development and create brilliant. China heat pump exhibition is the exhibition of my country's most influential heat pump industry, it is not only the ideal platform for companies to show the latest technologies and new product launches, as well as business-oriented majority of dealers, design institutes, end-user the big stage show their strength. 2015 China (Shanghai) heat pump, heating exhibition not only received strong support from national units of China Energy Conservation Association, China Copper Association, Architectural Society of China and so on, but also by the heat pump industry in a number of international and domestic brands support. Show organizers said the show will be held simultaneously during the procurement of the General Assembly, corresponding activities industry trends Forum, heat pumps, heating and exhibition media group's visit will wait, either from the scale of the show, promotion or exhibitors, are much higher than in the past, is expected to fifth session heat pump performance will exceed the previous exhibition made. As a well-known brand of air to water heater Oberoi in the past year, with energy efficient, safe and environmental protection advantages, annual sales grew more than 40% of its high growth rates in the industry-leading level. In 2015 China (Shanghai) heat pump, heating exhibition, Oberthur air can launch a new brand image and create a user experience zone, allowing users to experience the Oberoi domestic air heaters, warm air can Oberoi, Oberoi air to double cogeneration bring high-end living experience. With the fog and haze ravaged half of China, haze governance calls for higher and higher, the national advocate the development and use of clean energy, many enterprises, especially in the field of heat pumps companies respond positively to the call of haze rule, increasing new technologies research and development efforts, the introduction of more environmentally friendly products. Oberoi air heat pump can also hand in China exhibition, to vigorously promote the development of clean energy heating facilities, and promote the healthy development of clean energy industry chain.