Liters of water purifier brand won the -Net Media Cup- 2014 top 100 water purifier brand

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Liters of water purifier brand won the "Net Media Cup" 2014 top 100 brands of water purification Hits: 1753 Date: 2014-08-20

liters of water purifier brand won the "Net Media Cup" 2014 top 100 water purifier brand

June 2014, the "net media network" platform's water purification industry authority of the media first water purifier water purifier media will join the more than one thousand companies, tens of thousands of agents, one hundred million users, do Internet users, jointly usher in a "net media industry, water purification Cup 2014 Top ten Award" campaign, this contest adhering to a high standard, large-scale, reacted strongly to the standards while the "sense of innovation" and "social responsibility "and" integrity management "and other three new era of mature and successful business logo to be included among the activities of purpose. Invited well-known major television stations, newspapers, magazines, newspapers, central media, media provincial and municipal media, professional industry media exposure on the selection of projects, thereby increasing the importance of the activities. The event is set to explore in depth and selection rules, rigorous examination of the participating companies eligible for selection, in the Excellencies principle of "fair, open and fair" the principle of equality, to construct a reasonable selection system, to promote the expansion of media effects, full interpretation of the enterprise brand image; whole event will fully reflect the "highlight elite, gather strength responsibility, innovation win the world, win market integrity" selection purposes.

"Net Media Cup" 2014 top 100 brands in network voted, liters of water purifiers get million Internet users and millions of users, dealers and highly appreciated the positive vote. In the more than 1200 brands stand out among competitors awarded this honor.

theme: "Media Net Cup" 2014 Top Ten water purification network selection

purpose: to highlight the elite, highlighting the brand culture, to promote awareness of innovation, commitment to social responsibility.

goal: to change the company's position in the industry, changing the pattern of the company's future in the industry!

winning name: "Media Net Cup" brand water purification industry hundred

winners: Hainan liters of water purification Technology Co., Ltd.

Introduction: Liters enterprises established in 1992, is a specialized in water treatment science and technology research, membrane technology and products, household water purification equipment development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprise group. Liter has assumed the national Torch Program, the State "15" science and technology research projects, participation and commitment to national 863 plan, national "Eleventh Five" major science and technology projects (water projects) and other scientific research tasks, and get the fruitful achievements in scientific research. "15" science and technology research program, liters successfully developed "PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membranes," capture the general industrial production of high quality PVC material world problems ultrafiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane reduces the cost of production and operation of energy consumption, increase the ultrafiltration membrane filtration performance and service life, a strong impetus to the traditional large-scale application of this technology in the water treatment industry. This achievement has won the national "key new product certificate", Hainan Province, "Science and Technology Award" award and the "Chinese Film Industry Association of Science and Technology Award" award, reached world leading level.

liters in Haikou has built one of the world's largest production base membrane, an annual output of 3 million square meters of PVC and PVDF capillary membrane, ranking in the world. Liters in Suzhou has a large production base ultrafiltration equipment, with an annual output column and curtain ultrafiltration membrane, small ultrafiltration equipment, household and commercial water purifiers about 50 million sets.

liters of product widely used in municipal water supply, process water treatment, sewage treatment and reuse, water purification urban households, rural water supply, public places, drinking water and other fields, more than 40 countries worldwide and exports regions in the world including Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Toyota, Ebara, Intel, LG and other Fortune 500 companies, including more than 600 companies applied and engineering, more than 500,000 households.

l of ultrafiltration membrane used in municipal water treatment, considerable energy consumption with the traditional process, the investment is less than the traditional process, than the traditional process section 75%, water 3 ~ 5% was able to completely filter out bacteria and viruses, microbes and turbidity were better than the United States and European Union standards, a "third-generation water treatment process," the core technology. One of the world's largest membrane separation waterworks - Nissan 300,000 cubic meters of water purification water plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan liters ultrafiltration membrane used in all marked liters has entered the forefront of the world with the industry in this area, as of October 2009 the water plant has been running successfully for three years, as the world's municipalWater supply areas to address the high pollution, high variability in water treatment paradigm. November 2009, the southern suburbs of Dongying liters of water using submersible PVC alloy ultrafiltration technology, became the first domestic use of ultrafiltration membrane technology of large-scale water plant.

l of ultrafiltration membrane used in sewage treatment, short process flow, good quality of water, and biodegradable, for use with technologies such as reverse osmosis, can efficiently handle a variety of waste water. The technology has been successfully used in oil field produced water reuse, industrial wastewater treatment of municipal landfill leachate treatment, residential sewage treatment, as well as printing and dyeing, slaughtering, tobacco and recycling process, was awarded the State Intellectual Property Office "energy saving recommended products "title. Liter PVC alloy membrane bioreactor, the use of rain water is the Shanghai World Expo Museum of the treatment and reuse projects, water reuse for all landscape water park.

liters in 1998 will be the first to introduce the family of water purification ultrafiltration technology field, to develop a variety of combinations to ultrafiltration as the core technology, completely solve the water problem of secondary pollution caused by the pipeline transportation process, market share ranks first home water purifier market. "Liters of whole house water purification system" has changed the traditional water purifier can only solve the problem of drinking water, the filter is easy to fouling of the defect, a strong impetus to the popularity of water purifiers urban households in my country. Liters products are also catering enterprises, factories, schools, institutions, office buildings widely used for business water, public drinking water purification. 2010 liters undertook the construction and maintenance of the Shanghai World Expo Expo area all drinking water facilities, providing a high standard of drinking water is about 70 million visitors from around the world.

liters Small ultrafiltration devices are small, good quality of water, high degree of automation, can fully adapt to dispersed rural areas, poor sanitation, poor management and so on, which was promoted in the rural water supply project .

In liters of ultrafiltration filter core car field water purification device 260 is equipped with army groups, development, and manufacturing man liters water purifiers are employed PLA. In August 2008, with liters of ultrafiltration for the Olympic emergency water filtration device core car emergency support has also played a role in the Beijing Olympic Games. In time of rapid growth, liters of clean water always keep in mind corporate social responsibility. Following ultrafiltration equipment donated 1.4 million yuan during 1998 floods, in May 2008, in the Sichuan disaster area donated liters of 11 water purification stations, andDonated 20 sets of portable water purifiers, more than 40 employees into the disaster areas in a time of crisis for up to three months, sent to clean and safe drinking water to people in disaster areas. August 2009, "Swan" typhoon raid Danzhou, donated more than 30 million liters of water purification equipment to the disaster area, the disaster areas to protect drinking water safety.

liters improve sales and service network in major cities has branches and offices in North America, Europe established a branch, to provide timely and thoughtful technical support and services to customers worldwide.