What water filter water directly to drink it-

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As household water purifiers, water purifiers course, not all of the purified water can drink directly, a common water purifier ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifier market today, but only reverse osmosis water purifier filter water quality to direct drink. Ultrafiltration water purifier water pipe is directly connected, by four or five internal filter, the first stage 5μmPP cotton filter, activated carbon filter particles of the second stage, the third stage is a precision compressed activated carbon filter, a fourth layer is a super filter, the fifth layer is a post carbon filter. Whether it is level 4 or level 5 filter filtration, still have to look ultrafiltration membrane filter precision and quality at all levels. (Source: Han Sidun purification organ network, invasion deleted) reverse osmosis water purification unit is also referred to as RO reverse osmosis water purification unit, normally five filters, the first stage is 5μm pore size filter, the second stage for the front granular activated carbon filter, the third stage compression 1μmPP cotton or activated carbon filter, an RO membrane fourth stage, the fifth stage of the activated carbon. The two water purifiers purify from the principle point of view, the difference is not great, but there are some differences: the advantages of ultrafiltration membrane water purification machine: no power, no water, energy saving and environmental protection, and water volume, the price is relatively cheap. The biggest drawback ultrafiltration machine is not directly drink unboiled water, reverse osmosis purification effect is not good. The advantage of reverse osmosis water purification: the purification better, high accuracy, can be straight drinking water quality, health. The disadvantage is the price compared to reverse osmosis water purification machines ultrafiltration expensive, produce large amounts of waste water, a small amount of water. (Source: Hansi Dun water purification organ network, invasion deleted) Anyway, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purification unit has its own advantages and disadvantages, of course, different places need different water purifier. If the water is quite good, you can choose ultrafiltration water purification machines, but not convenient to drink directly. The commercial sector is best to choose a reverse osmosis water purifier, easy to drink. If more serious water quality problems, the best choice for a good reverse osmosis water purifier purifying effect, so you can ensure clean water healthy. (Source: Hansi Dun water purification organ network, intrusion deleted)