Joint Mission County Fengyuan century water purification equipment, water purification equipment don

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Joint Mission County Fengyuan century water purification equipment went to Nangang primary schools, special education schools Donation water purification equipment

in order for teachers and children can be able to drink in the cold winter to clean drinking water and warm. January 12 afternoon, the Joint Mission County Fengyuan century water purification equipment company recently visited the Nangang primary and county special education schools, donated ten thousand dollars worth 2 sets of water purification equipment for the children.


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heard the "tap water" to drink directly in front of the kids around drinking water equipment, then excitedly holding a cup of water.

by a person responsible for the installation of water purification devices: "After

water purification filter, filter sediment, impurities, bacteria, viruses, minerals and trace elements while retaining the water." [ 123] the donor activities, not only to help schools solve the problem of drinking water, leaving the children to see the warmth and love, help them develop health and environmental awareness. The installation of four drinking water equipment on campus, let the children drink the health, safety and good water.

beginning of autumn hit the dog days of summer, how healthy drinking water?

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