How much millet purifier initial fee total investment-

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Water purifier in recent years as one of the fastest growing industry products, its value had more than traditional appliances, implications for the future is even more far-reaching. Supply water purifier market is obvious, it has also become the main reason for many investors want to invest in a water purifier. I believe we will be given priority when joining the brand water purifiers, water purifiers millet is your best choice. Join millet purifier course will focus on the initial fee, the question of how much of the total investment. Analysis to give you today. (Source: millet clean water organ network, invasion delete) a total investment of millet how much water purifier, in the following areas: the cost of store brand franchise fee, renovation expenses, sample cost and other expenses. First of all, the shop is the need to store, if you have your own store, then you can just decoration; but for those who do not store, the store is needed to pay the rent. The level of rent with the local consumption level has a lot to store rent-tier cities still need a lot of money. In general, the 50 square meters of shops, second and third tier cities in about a year's rent between 60,000 -10 million, or first-tier cities between 120,000 to 200,000. The company brand franchise fee is given, it is generally between 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan, it is not very high, we have enough of a burden. Renovation costs, open water purifiers millet stores, store renovation drawings headquarters will provide and maintain the brand image in the market, of course, millet purifier headquarters will give some renovation subsidies. Sample fee, is inseparable from the shop display products, but also to close so that consumers can learn more about. Millet purifier wide range of products, prices, and now also have joined the discount. Other costs, mainly the cost of office equipment, staff wages, depending on wage levels in each area may be. Although not much, but we have to do for each money gains. (Source: millet clean water organ network, invasion deleted) water purifiers to join millet total investment is how much? Here can only be a valuation, because in a second and third tier cities, will store rent, the gap is very big. Specific to how much, depends on where you shop, and the shop in which location. Well, today's presentation on this to friends. If after estimate your money enough, please contact us for more information millet water purifiers to join, water purifier millet look forward to your participation.