Water purifier knowledge- water purifier by technology

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A decade of rapid development of water purifier (water purifier) ??industry, allowing water purifier industry has become very mature technology, as a mature industry. It has been concerned about the increasing number of families, water purification machines also gradually into the household. As a new water purifier of household goods, in fact, there are several categories in the water purifier technology, consumer If we understand these types of technologies, is very conducive to choose the right home water purification equipment, to provide for the health of their families secure care. First we look at ceramic filter water purifier, water purifier filter such accuracy of 0.1 micron, a small amount of water, mainly used in clean buckets and tap water purifier. The product is relatively simple, low prices, the general effect, simple small family-use water purifier, purifying effect on the requirements can not be too harsh, after all, a sub-price goods. UF water purification technology is relatively good in the water purification industry, one of the world's most respected as the water purification technologies, ultrafiltration water purifiers water volume, filter effects, and low cost, is household net the best choice water. The price of a normal family is also acceptable, prices ultrafiltration water purifier that can reflect the price of water purifiers and home water purifier prices. Pure water using reverse osmosis water purification technology, such water purifier filter is particularly high precision, clean best, but the water is also beneficial substances filtered out, just pure water taste particularly good, family the optimal choice of raw water directly to the living room drinking tea and water, but is not recommended as the main water purification equipment for home use, after all, it filters all the beneficial substances. Water purifiers top ten brands and top ten brand of household water purifiers first power source of water purification technology has been leading the company, as AMD is the only strategic partner, force is the only source of water purifier in conjunction with the IT high-tech enterprises .