Buy a water purifier to family health care

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Last year, a New Century Weekly, "tap the truth," the report, triggering widespread concern of the people water pollution problems. There is a mention in particular, water qualified rate of 50%, the grim reality of so many people worried.

Later, however, seen a lot of follow-up reports in the media, the major cities of tap water is safe overall. But there are medical experts suggested that security does not equal health, healthy drinking water for their families at home to install a water purifier is the better solution.


boil drinking water health risks exist

The study

World Health Organization show that the disease caused by the contamination of drinking water is becoming a major threat to human health problem. In order to avoid drinking tap water directly impact on health, many people have adopted ways to boil drinking. This approach is certainly the most simple and inexpensive treatment, but may also pose health problems.

The tap water is the means of heating the water boil treatment, this can indeed be a part of the water to kill bacteria and viruses, but the presence of the pesticide in water was detergent compounds and heavy metals can not do anything.

In contrast, the boiling water due to evaporation of water, causes an increase in the concentration of pollutants in water, more harmful to the human body. And some people make repeated boiling water, boil, which is commonly known as "thousands of boiling water", this boil water because it takes too long, the water is not volatile substances, such as heavy metals content of calcium and magnesium increased. For a long time to drink this water, it may interfere with the gastrointestinal function, a temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension.

so that drinking water can only be said to be more secure, but it does not remove all hazardous substances in the water. To remove these substances, get through the layers of professional purification.

scientific selection of water purifiers

face of increasingly severe pollution of water sources and the drinking water problem of secondary pollution, many families for the increasing quality requirements of drinking water, which is also home water purifier equipment to open a broad market. In some stores reporter saw a lot of brands of water purifiers, It is understood that the entire water purifier market was mixed.

for the average consumer, in the face of so many water purifier brand, how to choose a purifying effect significant product? Insiders said that in addition to watching water purifier principle, the heavierTo that identify the brand and certification authority.

Meanwhile, with the improvement of the taste of water, odor and clarity, remove various contaminants as well as health hazard by ultraviolet technology three treatment capacity to kill microorganisms in water,