Break the traditional inertia of thinking from the beginning of the water purifier business innovati

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The current world is undergoing a revolutionary change, the spread of information technology to promote the human society, the transition to the information age, social and economic development will also usher in a new pattern. Progress of the times, and a no innovative company is destined to become a victim of Ebb Tide. If the water purifier business want a winner, we must have innovative ideas of the times, and know how to use the advantages of age, current, information technology is a development trend of the times, innovative water purifier companies have to start from the information . 打破传统惯性思维 净水器企业创新从信息化开始

production and development of information systems architecture

the current water purifier company itself has been living in a highly competitive backdrop, if not fully grasp the good internal operations and external marketing companies on profit or even fall into negative territory in an awkward position advantage, with the attendant is forced out, so how to make yourself an advantage in the competition, which is the key. If you can take advantage of information technology concepts and technology to optimize internal production companies, will undoubtedly increase in costs and efficiency on a substantial growth, the difference thus obtained is profits.

Specifically, to schema information management system, improve production efficiency and material utilization, and the machine can be produced more precisely to solve production errors, "in short, to a batch plant order, order management system will split into parts each order, automatically generate MO, at the same time, the system will automatically generate a parts of each instruction in each plant production operation. workers and machines rely on system commands driven, problem-solving can maximize the error rate. "industry sources said.

Large data-driven business model operators

hot big data, are widely used in commercial, industrial and other industries for water purification industry, this is an excellent advantage of conditions using data to drive business model operating companies to achieve more accurate, more powerful, more scientific, more humane business operations.

Specifically, it is also able to make a difference in the marketing and business management. Strongly promote the deep integration of industrialization and information technology, how to understand and use cloud computing, big data, Internet, social networking and so on related technology and tools will determine the information of the water purifier business processes.

In short, to truly become a modern information-based water purifier business, every step must be to break the inertia of traditional thinking, Must be injected into the blood innovations, including how to improve the front-end conversion rate of customers, how to achieve real implementation of O2O, how to make smarter every aspect of the interface between the back end, higher efficiency, this is the information process under the enterprises need a breakthrough to solve.