Lurun water purifiers to join the initial fee you know

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From the current market performance can be seen, the pace of development Lurun water purifier quickly, brand stores in major cities have distribution, but also further expansion franchise. Why Lurun water purifier so popular? Because Lurun water purification products affordable, so that consumers feel the tangible benefits of naturally by the blitz. So, how much initial fee so popular Lurun water purifier need it? How to join Lurun water purifier it? Next, the following will explain in detail for everyone. Here to tell franchisees, Lurun water purifier initial fee and without a certain amount, it should be developed according to the actual situation of investors. In general, the way to join Lurun water purifier, joining location, the size of the initial fee to join and so will have an impact Lurun water purifier. In addition to the initial fee, the franchisee must also consider the rent fees, renovation costs, equipment costs, the impact of labor costs on to join, after all these costs related to the last to join profits. The above-mentioned initial fee decided by the market, so you should investors to estimate the costs of specific investments based on their specific circumstances. In short, Lu Yun purifier initial fee roughly 10-30 million and expenses for reference only, subject to the actual situation. (Source: network intrusion deleted) then joined Lurun water purification process complicated? The following process can be: 1, the exchange of advice: first understand the requirements to join Lurun water purifier, join the policy and joining fees to join the information 2, the headquarters review: fill in an application to join, be reviewed by the relevant personnel Lurun water purifier 3, formally signed: approved, Lu Yun obtain the right to use water purifier brand 4, store construction: the need to prepare and join relevant joining fee 5, opening preparation: Lurun water purifier send a professional team to assist 6, officially opened: when after the opening of stores, the headquarters will be given a certain degree of help have to say, Lurun water purifier on the market is the distinctive quality brand. If you join Lurun water purifier, also can be decorated support, training support, support for opening, operating support and a series of support. Select the Lurun success is to choose a water purifier, you have an idea of ??franchisees do not miss!