Four water purification hardcore test Ho Chak water purifier can clearance-

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Two years earlier mentioned water purifier, you may think it is a symbol of "quality of life"; but with the continuous strengthening of people's health awareness, water purifier has become a family health standard. In fact, it is difficult to directly observed by the naked eye the water quality is good or bad, it is judged whether or not a water purifier "competent", we have the help of some scientific way to test. (Source: Ho Chak water purifier public number, invasion deleted) recently received a private letter many readers are asking: "? How about Ho Chak water purifier effect" Take this simply the Ho Chak direct drinking water water purification "cut" to see whether it can pass these four hard-core test! The measurement, we will pass TDS test, hardness test, chlorine test, noise test four dimensions to measure the performance of the water purifier. (Source: Ho Chak water purifier public number, invasion deleted) Ho Chak this Drinking water purifier installation belonging to the kitchen, after order Remarks good full address, an appointment on-site service time can sit back and relax. Aftermarket master will come on time punctuality, good location to determine the placement of the machine, everything is orderly started. Net tap installation into the filter is activated, electric three docking, the installation of filter protection, etc., aftermarket master skilled jobs, the whole process takes only 15 minutes. art 1: TDS test when we had a cup of water purification after the first reaction is to see if the water has no impurities. The easiest way TDS value detecting purity water quality, higher TDS values, indicating that more solutes contained in the water, the lower the quality purity. (Source: Ho Chak water purifier public number, invasion deleted) Ho Chak countertop Drinking water purifier equipped with a self-developed water purification technology APO + security, security through a combination of adsorption, RO reverse osmosis technology security, ozone sterilization technology security and cloud water purification technology, such as multiple security portfolio. TDS value of water purification is how a situation? (Source: Ho Chak water purifier public number, invasion deleted)