Why water purifier so cattle- Ann Star to tell you

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There is growing concern about the health and safety of domestic water, so water purifiers become one of many home appliances essential to life. Water purifier, is opening a new era of drinking water! And talk about water purifiers, I believe many people have this question: Why water purifier so cattle? Internal structure of the water purifier what is it? Water purifier is how does it work? Water purifier is how to make you feel more at ease it? Let's a closer look at! First, let's look at the main rely on to filter water purifier! Currently the mainstream industry filter material used. How the strength of the filter, the water pressure will be off the hook yet? is it safe? Take a look at the experimental pressure test: unscathed, so the water purifier filter can feel at ease! Then look at the current mainstream filtering technology. Referred to the MF Microfiltration microfiltration, filtration is the most basic, the filtration accuracy is generally 0.1 to 10 microns, as a variety of common PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic filter belong to the scope of microfiltration, coarse filter for simple also it is used as a pre-filter.