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Investors choose to join the brand, with the consumer is in fact the same, there will always prefer a higher profile brand, which would get a good business to start. Liansu as water purification industry very well-known brand, naturally investor preference item. But selecting a brand does not mean that investors are qualified to join the brand, it depends on whether you meet the conditions for joining the Liansu. So, Liansu conditions for joining what? Liansu join, OK? Liansu formally established to has experienced years of wind and rain, through so many years of accumulation and groping in the market, Liansu has become one of the many minds of consumers trust worthy brand of water purification industry, it has a very good reputation in the market but also help consumers get a significant amount of wealth to achieve their own to enhance the strength and diversification in the water purification industry, it is a very high-quality companies. And also with the cooperation of the majority of investors, enabling a wide range of urban layout, and provide consumers with a good purchase service. Join us now Liansu then, the brand headquarters will also provide a one-stop assistance policy, so that investors can help smooth the shop! (Source: Liansu official website, invasion deleted) conditions for joining Liansu What? The following conditions for joining for reference only, subject to the actual situation. Of course, investors want to join Liansu, you can not just have the intention to join, investors need to meet conditions for joining the brand, before successfully joining Liansu. Specific conditions for joining are as follows: 1, investors need to comply with the relevant provisions of Liansu develop and maintain accreditation attitude. 2, investors need to have a certain financial strength, as well as leaving adequate liquidity for the operation of the stores. 3, it has the right store and the address and size are to meet the requirements of the old Phoenix headquarters. 4, investors can consciously safeguard Liansu brand image, can not do anything that will damage your brand image. 5, investors need to have professional staff can be responsible for store management and operations. Choose to join a two-way thing, Liansu conditions for joining the brand is to choose the right investor demand, as investors want to join the brand, then the above conditions for joining is that investors need to meet the requirements, you Investors can be used as a reference to determine their eligibility is determined on the basis of, you can call the hotline open the brand to join the tour. Liansu Hotline 0757-29226383!