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Water on the importance of water to human body is very important, in the food we eat, the same can not as important as water, but often overlooked, even more unbearable thirst than hunger. Although under the conditions of hunger strike, people can still survive for several weeks, but must continually replenish moisture. The entire biological terms, there is nothing more precious than water thing, water, sunlight, although air is the source of biological life, but when you are trapped in the thin air, no food, dark cave environment when as long as there is water to drink, it can still live for two or three weeks but once cut off the water was only a few days to survive. We always maintain a certain amount of body water, that is to say, we have ingested and excreted to maintain an equal amount of water, i.e. the amount of out of homeostasis. When the water reaches 2% of body weight, you will feel thirsty; 5% of body weight is reached, it will feel fatigue, weakness, decreased activity; when it reaches 10% of body weight, will be headache, dizziness, blood pressure, pulse, thin, pale pale, cold extremities, then shock, coma; 20% weight loss, they will die.