2018 -Double 11- shopping carnival ended two industry net new heights

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"Internet +" development of the times, the real economy has changed the business model. Yesterday, the annual shopping carnival "double-October" led a wave of big consumer trend, the annual electricity supplier staged a feast. Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment, Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection member units of air purification equipment as the industry benchmark for corporate excellence, the initiative into the "Internet +", the times, the times grasp development opportunities in the 2018 annual "double October "campaign a new high, news of success!

United States

as the appliance industry leader - the United States, "two-eleven" once again created a legend! 18 hours ago the United States total of 11.11 whole network sales exceeded last year's total sales day record, reaching 4.5 billion!



This year's electricity supplier TCL launched the "TCL electrical businessman" series of posters, the "double-October" former employees of TCL preparing for full mentality show up, a unique perspective interpretation of the two-eleven consumer understanding of the TCL season. With TCL brand influence, as always, a big country, excellent product quality, professional team operations and systematic service standards, in this year's "two-eleven" and breaking achievement! As at 22:57 on November 11th, the whole network cumulative sales exceeded 1.6 billion!


Bole treasure

BluePro Bole treasure net drink machine designated as the Danish Embassy water purifier brand, first proposed three seconds speed hot product ideas, application is simple and comfortable Danish design, to provide consumers with convenient, healthy drinking water solutions. In the 2018 "double October" event, Bole treasure net drink machine category won the whole network first! As at 4:00 on November 2 on the 11th, during the two-eleven Bole treasure of the whole network sales exceeded 20 million, surpassing last year 6.7 times.


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