Amoz water purifier a number of international giants jointly build a win-win cooperation ecosystem

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As the technology matures 5G, IoT, and "all things Internet" era is coming, and the interconnection between all things being energized to bring great change to the way people live. And for businesses, to keep up with the times, we must embark on the road "interoperability" of the Heroic Age alone has passed, "Many hands make light", only with more business and brand cooperation, and achieve integration of resources, complementary advantages, win-win cooperation to create ecological chain, to find a foothold in the Internet era of all things.


as an international lifestyle consumer brands has focused on the Comfort trend of home appliances and home field of intelligence, relying Amoz "3U Holiday strategy", and Huawei, Apple, Lenovo and other industry leading enterprise open strategic cooperation, through the integration of high-quality products, high-quality resources, excellent way to create a marketing platform, giving users a more quality experience, and by combining the strengths and businesses, bringing a new round of "the strong get stronger," the "horse too effect ", and jointly promote the comprehensive upgrading of the industry.


Apple teamed Huawei, deep plowing field of intelligent home

intelligence is the inevitable trend of the times and derived therefrom, smart home has become a new driving force of development of the industry. According to public information, 2017-- between 2022, the average annual growth rate of domestic resurrection smart home market reached 45.3%, is expected to market in 2022 will reach 162.7 billion yuan, market penetration will increase to 21.2%, tempting cakes allow many enterprises have the layout of the smart home, who can seize the opportunity in them, the greater a share of the cake.


, respectively, and as a leader in the field of intelligent home technology in the field of communications, Amoz from Huawei began in 2018 and strategic cooperation. In particular in the product, its Amoz the four products: Amoz rice cookers, electric pressure cooker the IH, foot plate, titanium crystal health pot access Huawei Hilink ecosystems, and using Huawei superior network intelligence, open different products interconnection between, at the same time, high-quality products Amoz also greatly enriched the Huawei Holiday eco-product lineup.


in technology, relying on the world's leading 5G technology, Huawei has provided technical support to build a system of Amoz wisdom of life scenes, which advanced the concept of thinking is also the future development of Amoz Fu can. Amoz smart appliances will also use its own technologySurgery, and Huawei join hands to create a more perfect wisdom home solutions.

Amoz brand positioning and development of Huawei's philosophy has been affirmed, in 2019, Huawei Hilink ecological conference, Huawei Amoz elected "2018 small appliances best partner" in the future, Asia Holmes will continue to work with Huawei Hilink expand all-round cooperation, the development of the whole scene exquisite, stylish, intelligent home appliances.

In addition to Huawei "Hilink", the industry's top companies Amoz with another Apple "HomeKit" also entered into a collaboration, there is currently a variety of products access HomeKit, based on a large number of Apple users, access to Apple HomeKit means greater product visibility, high-quality products will enter Amoz more families. Apple will also give Amoz in the development, testing, marketing activities and resources, giving priority to tilt.

As has been cultivating the field of intelligent home brand for many years, through Amoz kitchen layout sophisticated, intellectual enjoy the living room, comfortable sleeping space, intelligent security, an intimate care, maternal and child care, travel "home" eight scenes of life , it has a considerable advantage in the field of intelligent home. Amoz and Huawei, Apple reached a depth of cooperation, combining the strengths will jointly promote industrial upgrading, to build the future of the whole scene benchmark wisdom of life and achieve win-win development.

Lenovo join hands to cool, creating a new retail model

the arrival of the Internet era things are reshaping the retail industry, in scouring the Internet wave, retail is dramatic change. Since the "new retail" concept was first proposed a combination of intelligence, experience, and scene integration scenarios online and offline, to break the traditional service model of wisdom retail model is becoming mainstream. To cool by association formally signed cooperation Amoz will build a new retail channel model, to bring about change and breakthrough channel system.


It is understood that Lenovo important as the layout of the wisdom of the retail sector, the association has been formed to cool to think of its own products, enabling the product to cool and wisdom retail layout optional third-party product integration, and through wholly owned stores, franchises, authorized stores three models, relying on new intelligent products, technologies and services to re-build a "yard man" traditional retail relationships, giving users a new experience of shopping wisdom. Currently, the shop has to cool intellectual life over hundreds,Showcasing nearly 300 product categories, it has become one of the most popular current sales channels.

Lenovo to cool and Amoz have a lot in common in the developing pattern and direction under the guidance of eco-3U, Amoz being shared by commodity, share resources, intelligence sharing, resource sharing customers model, to create a scene experiential consumption under a new line. In addition, by virtue of strong R & D advantages and brand strength, beyond the reach of Amoz industry it has advantages in terms of products, since entering the China market, has launched Amoz a variety of high-quality intelligence products recognized by the market and consumers multiple category sales are located in the forefront of the industry, it's hypoglycemic rice cooker are highly valued reseller customers.

by combining the strengths of both, in terms of resources can Amoz products with Lenovo to cool full cooperation, join hands to create more high-quality products, rich product line; and in terms of the terminal stores to help cool Lenovo advantage on the operators Amoz can bring more high-quality shopping experience for users through a new retail channel model. Strong brand and product resources will be available at all levels of port competitive power market diversification great advantage in sales, store sales rapidly changing landscape, so as to achieve win-win situation.

to create a win-win cooperation ecological chain, to prove safety Amoz future


by a wide range of open cooperation with various industries and enterprises, ecology has gradually expanded the scope of Amoz. In 2014, Walt Disney Amoz hand in hand, brings exquisite fashion Disney series of household electrical appliances for the Chinese consumers; 2018, Amoz depth cooperation with Rococo, Kyung Hee University, graffiti and many other intelligent agencies, the introduction of health pot, tea and other new products widely welcomed by consumers in Asia; in 2019, with China Telecom Tianyi wisdom Amoz family on various aspects depth cooperation.

open source, cross-border cooperation, Amoz are building a collaborative prosperity, cooperation and win-win ecosystem, it is foreseeable that the future will Amoz further with more companies joined forces, and continue to expand the scope of cooperation towards a true "all things Internet." With the completion of the ecological chain, will Amoz in the era of "all things Internet" in place.

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